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Vinchin Blog Three backup methods - LAN base, LAN free, serverless

Three backup methods - LAN base, LAN free, serverless


Three backup methods LAN base, LAN free and serverless

1. LAN backup
This method is very simple. You can directly install a backup agent on the production server and deploy a backup server to complete the backup. However, this method is not suitable for the environment with a large amount of data. Because of the amount of backup data is very large, it will occupy the bandwidth of Ethernet so that this method is not suitable for large amounts of data. 
2. LAN free backup
Just as the name implies,  LAN free releases the pressure on LAN. Data flow without a Lan. In this way, the bandwidth of the primary network will not be occupied. However, the data will still pass through the file server's local disk-memory, so it will still consume the resources. 
3、Server Free

Server free, that is, the data does not flow through the bus and memory of the server during backup. This reduces a lot of pressure on the file server and enables it to focus on providing file services to the outside world without consuming a lot of CPU, memory, and IO for backup.

Or there is NDMP, Network Data Management Protocol, Network Data Management Protocol. It is a communication protocol that enables intelligent data storage devices, tape library devices, and backup applications to communicate with each other to complete the backup process. As long as the server sends THE NDMP instruction to the storage device that supports the NDMP protocol, the storage device can send its own data directly to other devices without having to flow through the server host.

For Vinchin Backup & Recovery, which is an image-based backup solution and no need to install any agent on the guest OS, directly access hypervisor which leads to a zero consumption of OS resources. Thus to reduce both deployment time and operation workload. And Vinchin backup & Recovery not only just support the LAN, but also supports LAN-Free backup of FC, iSCSI and NFS storage. Using LAN-Free to backup and restore under the SAN environment, target VM data will be transferred directly from the production repository to the backup repository without affecting the production system. Helps to reduce network jam and improve backup and recovery speed.

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