Vinchin Licensing Policy

1. Vinchin Licensing Types

1.1. Paid Licenses

1.1.1. Perpetual License

Vinchin's Perpetual License grants customers with use rights of Vinchin software in perpetuity. An initial one-time license fee provides perpetual use rights to an agreed quantity of software functionalities and capacities.

1.1.2. Subscription License

Vinchin’s Subscription License grants customers with the use rights of Vinchin software on annual subscription basis.

The subscription term lengths are typically between one to three years and the subscription renewal lengths can be also between one to three years.

Licensing Mode
Licensing Module Standard Enterprise
VM Backup Perpetual: Per Socket / Per VM, Subscription: Per VM
Server Backup Perpetual & Subscription: Per Server / Workstation
Database Backup Perpetual & Subscription: Per Server
File Backup Perpetual & Subscription: Per Server
NAS Backup Perpetual & Subscription: Per Server
AWS EC2 Backup Perpetual & Subscription: Per Instance
Microsoft Exchange Backup Perpetual & Subscription: Per User
Server CDP Perpetual & Subscription: Per Server

Environment Limit
Licensing Module Standard Enterprise
VM Backup 2-10 sockets or 10-100 VMs ≥ 2 Sockets or 10 VMs
AWS EC2 Backup 10-100 Instances ≥ 10 Instances
Microsoft Exchange Backup 10-100 Users ≥ 10 Users
Server CDP N/A ≥10 servers
Server Backup Unlimited
Database Backup Unlimited
File Backup Unlimited
NAS Backup Unlimited

1.2. Free Licenses

1.2.1. Free Edition License

Vinchin provides permanent free edition license to the personal users and small and micro business users, the free edition license grants those customers with the use rights of a free and limited functionalities edition of Vinchin software to backup 3 virtual machines.

1.2.2. Not-For-Resale (NFR) License

Vinchin provides 180 days Not-For-Resale (NFR) license for Vinchin partners, the licensed feature modules and license units are as per the demand of partners.

1.2.3. Evaluation License

Vinchin provides 60 days trial license for customers to evaluate Vinchin Backup & Recovery Enterprise edition.

Circumstances in which the trial has to be extended for some special reasons, such as the customer being unable to complete the testing of some key functions in some special scenario within the specified deadline, Vinchin can issue customized trial license to extend the evaluation period between 1 to 3 months as per the customer’s demand.

1.2.4. Offsite Copy License

For those customers who require copying backups from primary site to remote site data center for disaster recovery, Vinchin will provide a free license key for the Vinchin backup server deployed on the remote site data center to enable offsite copy functionalities.

The validity period of the Offsite Copy License will be the same as the primary site Vinchin server. If a perpetual license key is issued for the primary site Vinchin server, a perpetual Offsite Copy License will be issued for the remote site Vinchin server. If the primary site Vinchin server uses a subscription license, the Offsite Copy License will share the same subscription period of validity.

2. Product Editions

Editions Licensing Types
Enterprise Edition Perpetual or Subscription
Standard Edition Perpetual or Subscription
Free Edition Permanent Free

3. Licensing Items

VM Backup Protects critical VMs on virtualization platform.
Server Backup Protects critical physical server, workstation.
Database Backup Protects critical databases on virtual, physical server.
File Backup Protects critical files on virtual, physical server, or workstation.
NAS Backup Protects critical files on NAS server.
AWS EC2 Backup Protects critical AWS EC2 instances on AWS cloud platform.
Microsoft Exchange Backup Protects critical emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. on Exchange Server/Exchange Online.
Server CDP Protects critical virtual machines, physical servers in real time, with RPO≈0, RTO≈0

CPU Socket (Socket) A CPU socket (Socket) refers to a physical CPU installed on the virtualization platform physical host.
Virtual Machine A virtual machine refers to a guest OS running on the virtualization platform.
Physical Server A physical server refers to a bare-metal server with only one OS instead of a virtualization platform.
Workstation Workstation refers to a high-performance computer designed for a single user.
Database Server A database server refers to a virtual server or physical server which runs database application inside.
File Server A file server refers to a virtual server, physical server, workstation which stores critical files.
NAS Server IP A NAS server IP refers to an IP address of a NAS server which stores critical files.
Virtual Machine (V2V) V2V also as known as Cross Platform Restore license is counted by “per VM per unidirectional restoration” principle.
AWS EC2 AWS EC2 refers to an instance running on the AWS EC2 cloud platform.
Exchange Server/Exchange Online Exchange Server/Exchange Online refers to a Exchange Server/Exchange Online which stores users' critical data of emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc.

4. Pricing Adjustment

Vinchin reserves the rights to adjust the pricing of Vinchin products and services, the pricing adjustment include but not limited to increase, decrease, promotional discounts and other special offerings.

5. Services

5.1. Software Version Upgrade Services

By default, version upgrade service for the first year of the license purchase is included in the perpetual license. Customers can pay up-front for 1 to 5 years of Version Upgrade Service, and the paid version upgrade service will be added to the default 1 year.

For Subscription License, Version Upgrade Service is valid during the subscription period of the license.

5.2. Version Downgrade

Vinchin does not support downgrade software from a higher version to a lower version.

5.3. Version Renewal

For perpetual licenses, 1 year of version upgrade and license maintenance services are included as Version Renewal Service. From the second year on, a 25% of product MSRP will be charged as Version Renewal fee per year, can be paid on-demand or upfront.

For subscription licenses, Version Renewal services are valid through the subscription term.

5.4. Expired Version Renewal

If your version renewal service has been expired and you want to renew it. Your new version renewal service will start from the date of receiving of your service payment by Vinchin, and delivering you a new service certificate where mentions your extended version renewal service start and end dates.

5.5. Warranty and Maintenance of License

Due to server hardware changing or software reinstallation, the original license key will be unusable. Regardless of license exceptions or errors for any reason, we provide a 90-day no reason license reissuing service from the date of delivery of the Vinchin paid license. A more detailed description of license warranty period, please refer to Clause 7 in Vinchin EULA.

After 90 days, if you need to reissue the paid license, make sure that your version renewal service is not expired. If in any case it has expired, please contact your Vinchin sales representative to renew your service first.

1. If you do not need to reinstall Vinchin server but only reissue the license. You can submit a reissuing request to your Vinchin sales representative by email, and the sales representative will initiate the license reissuing process for you.

2. If you need to reinstall Vinchin server, resulting in the change of thumbprint, you need to send your new thumbprint file to your Vinchin sales representative by email to initiate the license reissuing process. The maintenance of your old license and old Vinchin server by the Vinchin technical support team will stop 30 working days after the delivery of the new license. Please be sure to migrate the backup data from the old server to the new server within the 30 working days.

5.6. Edition Upgrade

Upgrading Vinchin software from a lower edition to a higher edition, e.g. upgrading from Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition.

The Edition Upgrade requires a payment of fee for the price difference between the original edition and the target edition.

5.7. Edition Downgrade

Vinchin does not support downgrade from a higher license edition to a lower edition.

6. License Delivery

License Delivery will be done by Email within 3 working days once customer payment is confirmed to be received by Vinchin.

License key will be found as an Email attachment, file name “license-your_user_name.key”.

7. Technical Support

If customers using perpetual license, technical support is free within the first year of his purchasing on the Vinchin Backup & Recovery software license. If customers using subscription license, technical support service will end with the subscription license.

Customers with Evaluation and NFR Licenses, they can enjoy the same level of technical support services as customers using perpetual and subscription licenses.

7*24 technical support is included in Enterprise Edition;

5*24 technical support is included in Standard Edition;

For Free Edition License, technical support, version upgrade and maintenance services are not included.