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Challenges in Financial Institution Disaster Recovery

Ensuring data security and business continuity is important for financial sectors but there are some challenges in DR construction.


High-standard Requirements

Due to the industry’s specificity, the financial sector has very high standards for disaster recovery construction, including high-level information security requirements and extremely strict business continuity requirements.


Complex IT Environment

Financial institutions utilize various business systems, including Core Banking Systems, Risk Management Systems, Anti Money Laundering Systems, Fraud Detection Systems, and more, which generate hundreds of PB of data. Additionally, there are often many branch offices.


Cyber Threats

Financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, and investment dealers are the primary target for cyber attackers because of the large amount of sensitive data and money it handles.


Regulatory Compliance

Because financial institutions manage so many funds, there are also many laws and regulations within the industry. Therefore, the disaster recovery manager needs to be familiar with them to avoid hefty fines.

Vinchin Backup and Disaster Recovery
Solution for Financial Institutions

In responsible to the challenges faced in DR construction within the financial industry, Vinchin provides a comprehensive solution for ensuring integrity and business continuity.

Robust backup solution

Vinchin Backup & Recovery can provide powerful backup features with high-level data protection and on-demand data recovery.

Provide a user-friendly web console to make it easy for you to get started. With comprehensive backup and restore features, your machine will be well protected.

Make it easier to create backup tasks and manage the restore points. Also, there’s a screen for data visualization to let you know everything about this system.

Allow you to quickly restore the full machine or preview and export files within the restore points to quickly recover specific data.


Seamless Integration

For the diverse range of business systems in the financial industry, you just need to connect the devices to the backup system to the backup system to protect the relevant systems.

Support most mainstream virtualization platforms including VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, Proxmox, XenServer, XCP-ng, OLVM, OpenStack, etc.

Support OS-level backup for physical Windows/Linux server and application-level backup for databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, MariaDB, etc.

Provide efficient file-level backup for scenarios with massive amounts of files to protect Windows/Linux file server and all kinds of NAS.

Customized DR

Disaster recovery is especially crucial in the financial industry and a good disaster recovery plan can save a company at a critical time.

Provide offsite backup to regularly send the copies of data backup to a secondary data center and quickly retrieve the copies to restore the whole production environment.

Provide VM instant restore to restart a failed VM from its backup in 15 seconds to quickly recover business from downtime

Provide cloud archive to regularly archive local backups to the public cloud like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure for data security and regulatory compliance.


Ransomware Protection

Ransomware protection is also crucial for financial institutions. With a good backup solution, there is no need to fear any ransomware.

Isolate backup data stored in the backup storage from the outside world, with only Vinchin having permission to read and write, preventing backup data from being tampered with.

Allow to quickly restore the production environments by directly importing backup data after cleaning the infected environment.

Vinchin Makes Financial
Data Backup Effortless and Secure


One-stop backup solution for
most devices in data center


Significantly improving the management
of DR system


Effectively reducing downtime
of production environments


24/7 technical support to
solve your problems anytime

Vinchin Customers in Finance


one of Argentina's primary securities exchanges

We have successfully migrated our virtual machines from RHEV to a VMware environment without any problems and even without contacting Vinchin for support because this software works perfectly so we don't need any support to go ahead.

Jorge Stiletano Deputy Technology Manager

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Unibank S.A.

one of Haiti's two largest private commercial banks

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is the perfect choice when backing up a mixed virtual environment is needed. The high performance of the backup solution has greatly eased our mind knowing our critical data is always safe under its reliable and efficient protection.

Vauvenargue Etienne, Computer Operations Manager

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The People's Bank of China

the central bank of PRC

We chose Vinchin as our backup solution at the beginning because it is the only backup solution that can support our virtual environment. We have no other choice. After a POC test, we found it can cover all our requirements on the data protection aspect. We can use it to back up our critical business and make disaster recovery in case the VM fails.

Chen Yong, IT Solution Architect

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Finance Disaster Recovery FAQs

What are the common causes of disasters?

Disasters can be caused by various factors including natural disasters (like earthquakes and floods), cyberattacks, hardware/software failures, human error, and regulatory non-compliance.

What are the key components of a finance disaster recovery plan?

It includes risk assessment, business impact analysis, data backup and recovery strategies, infrastructure redundancy, communication plans, and regular testing and updates.

What are the regulatory requirements for disaster recovery in the finance industry?

Regulatory requirements may vary by the operational region of your company and the common regulations include GLBA, PCI DSS, FDICIA, SOX, etc.

How can financial institutions mitigate the risks of cyberattacks through disaster recovery?

It is recommended to regularly backup critical data, store backup securely offsite, implement robust access controls and encryption, and develop incident response plans.

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