The number of unstructured files within an organization grows along with the business scale, so do the potential data threats that keep prying on the critical data. Outdated solutions may fail to give enhanced security guarantees on enterprise-grade NAS backup and recovery, and that’s when Vinchin comes with the advantageous features it offers to save you from the dilemma by simply updating your plan for NAS protection.

Reasons to Choose Vinchin for NAS Backup


Simple to handle

Get hold of the entire NAS backup environment using a single web-based management console. Add local NAS device and configure backup/restore jobs all in minutes.

Efficient backups

Vinchin’s NAS backup solution directly mounts local NAS data to the backup server through NFS/CIFS protocols, and is also able to backup massive files in a single NAS device fast through multi-tasking/multi-threaded transmission techniques.

Flexible restore options

Decide where you want the NAS backups to be restored. Recover any files either to the original NAS device or a new one at ease.

Ready for any disaster

Always have two strings to your bow. Create extra copies of NAS backups to an offsite Vinchin backup server as a part of disaster recovery plan.

How Vinchin NAS Backup Solution Works

Backup model for massive small-size files Backup model for best NAS backup practice

When a NAS backup job in Vinchin Backup & Recovery starts, files and folders on the target NAS device will be mounted to Vinchin backup server via NFS/CIFS protocols. The built-in client of the backup server will carry out the backup process. When a NAS device in the production environment is interrupted, either local NAS backups or offsite NAS backup copies can be used to fit different recovery scenarios.


Key Features


Incremental Backups

Combine fast incremental backups with periodic full backups to protect NAS device with high efficiency.


Backup Data Compression

Compress NAS backups without affecting its integrity for satisfying storage-saving results.


Multi-threaded Transmission

Setup multiple backup jobs for a single NAS device for faster backups of massive files, and assign up to 33 transmission threads to improve the overall backup speed of a single backup job.


Backup Data Encryption

Encrypt backup storage with AES-256 encryption standard for enhanced data security. Set either a randomly generated or user-defined password for encryption.


Data Retention Policies

Setup retention policies for NAS backups by the number of days or the number of backup chains, making sure the most recent backups are always available.


Granular File-level Restore

Restore individual files and folders to a desired location by easily selecting them from the list of available restore points in the intuitive web console.

Frequently Asked Questions about NAS Backup

Can I restore file backups from my NAS server to a Linux/Windows server?

Yes, for NAS restore, you can choose to either restore the backups to the original NAS server or to a Linux/Windows server with file backup agent installed.

Can I encrypt the NAS backup data?

Yes, the NAS backups can be encrypted to prevent data access from unauthorized users.

Can I copy the backup data of my NAS servers to a remote site for disaster recovery?

Yes, you can perform onsite and offsite copy for NAS backups to prevent data loss from storage failure and natural disasters.

Does the storage protection (ransomware prevention) work with NAS backups?

Yes, storage protection works with all backups stored in the backup storage of Vinchin backup server, but the storage must be exclusive block devices.

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