Vinchin Backup & Recovery delivers reliable and efficient AWS EC2 backup solutions in an agentless way for enterprises in across all industries.

With a comprehensive suite of built-in advanced backup and restore features, Vinchin provides the most user-friendly, fully functional, and cost-optimized cloud data protection solution, ensuring the security of your mission-critical business data in the cloud.

Highlights of Vinchin Backup Solution

Automatic Cloud Backup

AWS EC2 backup automation with flexible backup scheduling options

Agentless Backup

Streamlined backup process with minimal resource usage and maintenance costs

Next-Level Backup Speed

5x faster backup and restore process for optimized backup window and RTOs

Multiple Recovery Options

Easily restore entire instances or individual files to anywhere, even to other platforms

Anti-Ransomware Protection

Built-in robust anti-ransomware protection mechanism to fully guaranteed data security

Unified Web Console

Intuitive interface with streamlined jobs management

What You Get for AWS EC2 with Vinchin Backup & Recovery


Robust AWS EC2 Protection

Robust protection for your AWS EC2 environment with a complete set of built-in advanced features, including fast incremental backups, data compression and encryption techniques, flexible full and file-level restore, efficient disaster recovery solutions, etc.


Enhanced Data Security

Provides dual-layer protection through backup data encryption and backup storage protection techniques, effectively protecting against ransomware and other malware attacks to ensure the highest level of recoverability at all times.


Optimized TCO

Allows users to effortlessly install and navigate the software without a learning curve. Agentless backup approach plus the unified web-based console enables centralized job management for streamlined and cost-effective IT operations.

Key Features


Agentless Incremental Backup

Provide true agentless, imaged-based backups for instances of AWS EC2. Incremental backup is an advanced backup strategy transfering only changed data blocks following the initial backup of AWS EC2 instances. The benefits of Incremental backups include reducing backup windows, saving more storage space, and greatly reducing resource consumption and impact on the production environment.


Powerful Data Reduction

Vinchin provides data deduplication, data compression and BitDetector features for effective backup data size reduction and storage savings. Deduplication and BitDetector work for detecting duplicate data blocks and unuseful data to remain only 100% valuable written data in backup repository, and compression works to use advanced algorithm to minimize backup data size.


Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest

Vinchin ensures the confidentiality and security of your data throughout the entire process from data transfer to storage. During data transmission, RSA Algorithm encryption is employed to prevent data leakage. When data transferred to the storage end, Vinchin utilizes AES 256 bank-level encryption technology, for guaranteeing the highest level of data security.


Fast Backup and Recovery Process

Besides incremental backups and data compression, Vinchin offers proprietary SpeedKit feature for fast incremental detection. It utilizes snapshot technology to rapidly identify only the changed data blocks for subsequent backups, while also enabling quick recovery through snapshots for highly efficient backup and recovery process.


Full and File-Level Recovery

Vinchin provides flexible full and file-level recovery options for AWS EC2. You can choose to batch restore entire instances to the original place, or restore to different regions or accounts of AWS cloud. You can either restore specific folders or files to the production host in a few minutes when full restore is time-consuming and not necessary. This helps you to quickly fix partial soft breakdown, as well as recover mistakenly deleted files.


Agentless Cross-Platform Recovery

Vinchin supports true agentless bidirectional cross-platform recovery for your EC2 instances on AWS cloud. The compatible platforms for migration include the most mainstream virtualizations such as VMware, Hyper-V, Proxmox, etc. Additionaly, during and after migration, Vinchin delivers robust and comprehensive data backup solutions for your multi-platforms environments through an all-in-one solution.


Agile Disaster Recovery Strategies

Adhering strictly to the 3-2-1 backup rule to ensure data safety and recoverability in any accidents, Vinchin offers flexible disaster recovery solutions: sending backup data to offsite data center or different cloud storages. On one hand, you can save another copy of backup data in other storage types or offsite data centers, directly performing cloud recovery on offsite locations for business continuity in the event of a disaster. On the other hand, you can store data in cloud storage in a cost-effective manner and retrieve data from the cloud for disaster recovery.


Anti-Ransomware Protection

Vinchin takes data security as the first importance. Considering the threats ransomware and other malware can bring to your IT infrastructure, Vinchin takes action to prevent your critical backup data in the backup repository from any possible malicious attack with built-in backup storage protection technique. Based on real-time I/O monitoring, any data modification request by unauthorized applications will be directly denied, so that you can have peace of mind knowing all your AWS EC2 backups are given dual protection by Vinchin backup system.

Top Reasons to Choose Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Higher Backup Performance

Image-Based, Agentless Backup

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides true image-based agentless backup for AWS EC2. By utilizing AWS platform APIs and snapshot technology, it achieves agentless backup for AWS EC2. With a quick and simple backup job configuration at first, automated and unattended backups can be executed thereafter, significantly reducing the workload of system administrators and improving work efficiency. Vinchin supports various backup strategies including full, incremental, and differential backups. You can comprehensively protect AWS EC2 instances by flexibly combining different backup strategies.


Backup Optimization Strategies

Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers a wide range of advanced features for improving the efficiency of backup data transfer process to extreme. First you can choose 3 start-ready features for powerful data reduction and maximizing usage rate of storage: Data Deduplication, Data Compression, and Vinchin BitDetector. Then you can combine with the utilization of Vinchin Speedkit and incremental backup features for reducing backup windows by multiple times rather than sit there for hours waiting for data to be backed up. For reducing load on production, Vinchin also supports bandwidth throttling policy, enabling users limit transfer speed on global or on per-job level.

Backup Data Consistency

Vinchin designed user-friendly monitor and notification functionalities to make you grab hold of each data protection job running result in time. Job alerts and reports can be sent to you via email daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Data Visualization, integrated into the web management console, enables users to quickly monitor the real-time operational status of each functional partition via a large display screen.

Flexible Recovery Solutions


Multiple Recovery Alternatives

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, you can fully utilize one backup in multiple data recovery scenarios including full VM restore, file-level restore, and agentless cross-platform restore. Given flexible restore options, you can make the best decision regarding the issue type of your AWS EC2 instances. No matter it’s the partial soft breakdown, business interruption, severe system damage by unavoidable disaster or ransomware attack, there’s always one solution that suits your need most.

Guaranteed Data Availability

To ensure backup data is always recoverable and available, Vinchin strictly follows the principle of 3-2-1 golden backup rules by providing offsite copy and cloud DR features for giving triple guarantee on data security. Besides the original backups at the primary site, you can also store extra backup data in cloud or at the remote site. This fades out the panic even if disaster strikes your primary data center, because there's always available backup data that're ready for effective disaster recovery.

Long-Term Data Retention

Long-term data retention has become an important part of modern business operations, and in some countries and regions, data retention policy has been standardized by the local government. With Vinchin backup data archive feature, such requirements can be fully met. You can establish backup data archive plans on daily, weekly or monthly basis for different data types, making sure all the infrequently-used yet important history data are safely kept in local or cloud storage.

Cost-Effective Solutions

High Performance All-In-One Solutions

Vinchin devotes to providing users with the easiest-to-use, cost-optimized and comprehensive backup solutions. Enjoy true agentless backup of AWS EC2 without installing agents, quickly to get started with your first backup job in a few minutes. With one unifed web-based platform to manage all jobs, there is no learning curve for you since each functional module has clear wizard-driven guidance to easily get tasks down, which greatly saves your time in operation and maintenance.


Hybrid and Multi-Platform Data Protection

In addition to Amazon EC2, Vinchin delivers robust and reliable protection for virtualizations, physical servers, databases, and applications from a single pane of glass for better visibility and centralized control of jobs management. Protect AWS EC2, 10+ mainstream Virtualizations, Windows, Linux, 6 types of Database, Microsoft Exchange, CIFS/NFS file shares, etc.

Optimized IT Administration

Vinchin designed user-friendly monitor and notification functionalities to make you grab hold of each data protection job running result in time. Job alerts and reports can be sent to you via email daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Data Visualization, integrated into the web management console, enables users to quickly monitor the real-time operational status of each functional partition via a large display screen.

Resources for AWS EC2 Backup

Product Guides

Materials for you to quickly get started with Vinchin Backup & Recovery


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Quick Installation Guide

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Find the best Vinchin solution for your AWS EC2 Protection

To suit a wider array of business needs, we provide flexible edition and license options of our customers.

We got multiple product editions here!

We got multiple product editions here! Free Edition applies to micro-businesses who has only 1 or 2 VMs need to back up. Protects up to 3 virtual servers running on AWS EC2 hosts.

Standard Edition applies to SMBs who needs enterprise level data protection for their AWS EC2 Infrastructure, requires advanced backup and recovery features.

Enterprise Edition applies to medium and large organizations who own comprehensive and complex IT infrastructure.


Which license type do you prefer?

A Vinchin Perpetual License means one-time pay, forever use! You can enjoy complete VM protection from Vinchin Backup & Recovery without limitation of time. It is sold by the number of physical CPU sockets on target hosts.

A Vinchin Subscription License allows you to subscribe the Vinchin Backup & Recovery every per 1-3 years to balance your budget. It is subscribed by the number of virtual machines that you need to protect.

Edition Comparisons for AWS EC2 Backup

Find the best edition that suits your need most


Up to 10 sockets/100 VMs
  • Incremental Backup
  • SpeedKit for Fast Incremental Detect
  • Throttling Policy
  • Retention Policy
  • Multi-threaded Data Transmission
  • Backup to Different Cloud
  • Ful VM Recovery
  • File Level Recovery
  • Deduplication & Compression
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Data Encryption


Unlimited Protection
  • Incremental Backup
  • SpeedKit (high speed mode)
  • Throttling Policy
  • Retention Policy
  • Multi-threaded Data Transmission
  • Backup to Different Cloud
  • Ful VM Recovery
  • File Level Recovery
  • Backup Copy (onsite/offsite/cloud)
  • Backup Archive (onsite/cloud)
  • Deduplication & Compression
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Data Encryption
  • Cross-platform Migration (between AWS EC2 and other Virtualizations
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Pricing FAQs

Some answers to the most common questions about pricing

Which hosts are required to be licensed in my virtual environment?

Licenses are required only for the hosts you intend to backup. The hosts on which you want to recover VMs does not need to be licensed.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, single order amount exceeds US$10,000, you can get a discount from Vinchin. The larger the order, the higher the discount. Please contact or Vinchin sales manager for a discount details.

What are the international taxes, duties, etc. that I have to pay?

You don't need to pay any additional international taxes, you only need to pay the import tax according to your local tax policy if there's any.

What's the purchase procedure?

1. Contact Vinchin sales manager to confirm your purchase.

2. Receive contract & invoice from Vinchin by email.

3. Sign on the contract with your company stamp and send it to Vinchin by email.

4. Receive Vinchin signed contract and submit the payment transfer, once done, send transfer proof to Vinchin by email.

5. Once we receive your payment, Vinchin sales manager will contact you to deliver license by email. (Bank wire transfer usually takes 3-5 working days, Paypal/AliPay/WeChat Pay usually takes 1-2 working days)

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