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Xiaoqin Hu (Mark)

Founder and CEO

Graduated as a PhD of Technical Science from Sichuan University, the top 1 seat of learning in Southwestern China, who specialized in science research of cloud computing security and cybersecurity, Mark has been dedicated in the industry for over 20 years. Due to his non-stop innovative mind with rich knowledge, Mark now owns several national patents for invention, and wins authoritative approval from global academic circles with 10+ papers published on SCI and EI.

Mark built his career as a young yet experienced entrepreneur to explore greater possibilities of data protection in 2015, who now has been playing a leading role to prompt Chinese industry ecosystem, determined to bring a new generation of advanced backup solution from China to the world, in name of Vinchin.


Be dare to think, speak and achieve.


Chuanbo Huang (Sky)

Co-Founder and CTO
Chuanbo is the linchpin of Vinchin's technology development. Standing out as a PhD of Computer Science who earned his future-proof IT skills from Sichuan University, he knows exactly how to turn those innovative ideas into best practice, driving the brand of Vinchin to step higher with solid product functionalities.

Lei Tu (Raymon)

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer
Raymond is the one who makes you see through the real potential of product from Vinchin. With strong capability to exploit the business opportunities, he continues to bring innumerable product values of Vinchin within overall national market.

Junfeng Xie (Peter)

Co-Founder and Chief System Architect
Peter is instrumental for construction of solid IT infrastructure to ensure Vinchin's excellent performance, by taking full advantage of his rich industry experience and competitive technical skills since 2009, who previsouly worked as a software engineer in Microsoft for 6 years.

Zhuowei Xie (Well)

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Well is responsible for Vinchin's global product image. As one of the co-founders of Vinchin, he is consistent to discover new paths for Vinchin to realize best customer satisfication and business optimization.

Reliable, dynamic, future-proof, Vinchin is more than just a backup solution provider. Founded in 2015, Vinchin has been rapidly growing to an international front-leading vendor, See more stories about us for better insights.

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