Challenges in Higher Education Disaster Recovery

Vinchin provides a backup and disaster recovery solution for
higher education institutions to effectively protect and manage complex environments.


Complex Environments

The IT environments are complex in higher education institutions, with a mixed environment of virtual and physical machines, various business systems like LMS and SIS, and large databases. However, The IT staff and budget are limited, making it difficult to carry out the related DR work.


Ransomware Attacks

Data in higher education institutions is important and sensitive and traditional data protection solutions often fail to prevent ransomware attacks, so institutions typically end up paying ransom for the encrypted data. Cyber attackers are aware of this, resulting in endless ransomware incidents.


Academic Continuity

More and more higher education institutions start to ensure academic continuity for improving the quality of teaching, researching, and management but traditional solutions typically only provide basic data protection and can’t guarantee business continuity.


Regulatory Compliance

Data protection has been incorporated into laws and regulations like GDPR and FERPA. Since different regulations have different requirements, and traditional solutions can’t meet these requirements, various solutions are used together in higher education institutions.

Vinchin Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution
for Higher Education

Vinchin provides a backup and disaster recovery solution for
higher education institutions to effectively protect and manage complex environments.

Easy and Centralized

Vinchin Backup & Recovery can protect complex IT environments and make it easy for higher education institutions to implement robust data protection and disaster recovery strategies effortlessly.

Simplify management with a web-based GUI, making it easy to learn without professional skills, and also provides a visual screen to monitor the entire backup system.

Centralize backup and management in different systems and campuses, further simplifying maintenance processes and improving work efficiency.

Offer agentless backup for virtual machines to backup the guests without accounts and passwords even when they are running.


Various Environments Support

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides on-stop protection for all business systems by supporting a wide range of VMs and mainstream OS, databases, and storage.

Support most mainstream virtualization platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, Proxmox, XenServer, XCP-ng, OLVM, oVirt, etc.

Support physical server data backup including Windows/Linux OS and mainstream databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, MariaDB, etc.

Support the mainstream data storage backup including Windows/Linux file server and all brands of NAS like Synology and QNAP.

Advanced Disaster Recovery

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is not just a simple data protection software but also provides advanced disaster recovery features to save critical systems at crucial moments.

Offer Instant Restore to directly recover a failed VM from its backup to quickly recover business system from downtime.

Provide Offsite Backup to regularly copy local backup to a secondary data center for double insurance.

Simplify VM migration by directly restoring VM backup on another host or even on another virtualization platform for V2V migration.


Ransomware Protection

While providing convenient backup and disaster recovery services for enterprises, Vinchin Backup & Recovery can also help protect against ransomware attacks.

Isolate the backup storage and allows only Vinchin to have access to write and modify the data, ensuring that the stored backup data will not be infected by ransomware.

Allow for a quick recovery of the infected production systems by mounting the backup storage to a clean environment and directly recovering the production environment.

Vinchin Makes Higher Education
Data Backup Effortless and Secure


Save money with the one-stop solution for
protecting data across all devices.


Save time and labor with the intuitive user
interface and centralized management.


Minimize downtime with the greatly
reduced RTO and RPO.


Enhance ransomware protection by keeping
your backup data always clean.

Vinchin Customers in Higher Education

The National Institute of Education

a renowned educational institution of the Nanyang Technological University (QS Ranking 26) in Singapore

We are exploring the V2V migration solution from Citrix to OLVM, and find Vinchin in some Google search results. So, we dive into the software, and turns out it’s an ideal choice with everything we need. Easy deployment, user-friendly UI, V2V migration, high compatibility, and recovery features for RTO and RPO.

Rizal Siam, Head of Infrastructure

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Vinchin Customers in Higher Education

Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute

a leading cancer research institute originally from the University of Manchester (QS Ranking 32)

I did not anticipate an impeccable solution until Vinchin offered one. Their product not only provides us the flexibility and reliability to back up data but also succeeds to recover data in seconds, which has greatly contributed to our cancer research data management. Vinchin, as a strong backing behind our data, is always there with us going forward.

Marek Dynowski, PhD | Head of Scientific Computing

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Vinchin Customers in Higher Education

University of Évora

Established in 1559, the second oldest university in Portugal

We are backing up our Web-Servers to support the investigation of the Use of Saliva for Diagnosis and Monitoring the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the security of our research data is guaranteed. It's much reassuring and helpful for us to work at the frontline of the fight against COVID-19.

Carlos Limpinho, Assistant Director of IT Infrastructure & Service

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Higher Education Disaster Recovery FAQs

What are the biggest challenges in higher education disaster recovery?

It includes limited budgets, complex IT environments, ensuring academic continuity, and meeting regulatory compliance demands.

Why is higher education easily targeted by ransomware?

Because valuable data is protected by outdated security systems, and is easier for attackers to demand ransom.

What is the purpose of disaster recovery in higher education?

To quickly restore access to academic resources, minimize downtime, and protect sensitive data from threats.

How can Vinchin protect the whole IT environment in higher education?

Vinchin can protect all kinds of devices and applications by offering comprehensive, scalable backup and recovery solutions tailored to the diverse needs of higher education IT environments.

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