Virtualization diversity grows along with the popularity of the cloud-based IT workbench, and ZStack is one of the new and cutting-edge choices that makes setup and management of your private/hybrid cloud environments effortless.

You can now use Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the VM backup solution that's perfectly compatible with ZStack to carry on your IT workloads worry-free under its comprehensive protection.

Highlights of Vinchin Backup Solution

Automatic VM Backup

Once-off/Flexibly scheduled VM backups after simple settings

Agentless Backup

Get VM Backup started easily without cumbersome agent installation


Save backup storage by in-depth data blocks extraction

CBT Alternative for ZStack

Make incremental backups faster with Vinchin SpeedKit

Instant VM Recovery

Restore interrupted business on a single VM in 15 seconds

Unified Web Console

Streamline overall management of backup environment

What you get for ZStack with Vinchin Backup & Recovery


Multi-level Security Guarantees

We know your concern about the safety of data during backup, that's why Vinchin Backup & Recovery levels up the defense line around your critical backups using the encryption+anti-ransomware combo techniques, working together to mitigate the threat that comes from the outside world.


Complete Data Protection

Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers an integral set of efficient features for you to build an unbreakable ZStack environment. You can make the most of the product for any scenario that needs backup, backup copy, archive, or fast data recovery.


Improved TCO

There's no difficulty that requires to master Vinchin Backup & Recovery, from daily operations to maintenance. Based on agentless backup technology, you don’t have to install any agent inside each VM. You can control everything through a single pane of glass, and do simple updates.

Key Features


Forever Incremental Backup

Do you expect more besides incremental backup for the chase of extreme efficiency? With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, forever incremental backup can be your next preferred choice, which can also be driven by Vinchin SpeedKit, an alternative technique of Changed Block Tracking for VM backup.


Instant Recovery

The continuity of business matters in almost every organization, and an unexpected system crash can lead to profound losses that are beyond imagination. Taking this issue into full concern, Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides Instant VM Restore to mitigate the negative effect after such things happen, by recovering a single VM with key applications in 15 seconds.


Deduplication & Compression

Efforts need to be made on data reduction for faster backup and storage saving. Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers 2 related features that you can easily enable when setting up a ZStack backup job: Data Deduplication and Data Compression. After the former one excludes the duplicated data blocks, the latter one will then compress the rest of valuable data to the minimized size. Therefore, backup efficiency can be greatly improved and the use rate of backup storage can be maximized.


File-level Recovery

You can choose to restore specific folders or files to the production host using Granular Restore in Vinchin Backup & Recovery. It will help you quickly retrieve certain files you want without recovering the whole VM, which gets issues like partial soft breakdown or mistaken file deletion fixed in the shortest time.



BitDetector in Vinchin Backup & Recovery can be enabled when you need it to extract valuable data blocks more in depth. It helps identify and exclude swap files, partition gaps, and unpartitioned spaces in the backup data, making sure only valuable data is saved in the backup storage, leaving more spaces for the future.


Cloud Archive

Cloud can be another optimal destination for data storage that keeps data from any kind of physical harm, and Vinchin Backup & Recovery makes such connectivity easy by supporting you archive backups to multiple popular public cloud storage including AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, and Wasabi.


Backup Node Expansion

For big ZStack Cloud environment that has massive VMs waiting to be protected, Vinchin Backup Node is here to help. You can simply add one or more backup nodes to the backup environment, and different VM backup jobs will then be processed separately by the main server and nodes after the computing resources being reasonably allocated.


Offsite Backup Copy

Save extra data copies at a remote site helps you better deal with the worst cases that the primary data center might suffer, like large-scale system interruption due to a cyberattack or natural disaster. You can use Offiste Backup Copy in Vinchin Backup & Recovery to send independent copies of local backups to remote backup storage.

Supported Platforms for ZStack Backup

  • ZStack 3.5
  • ZStack 3.9
  • ZStack 4.3.0
  • ZStack 4.5.1
  • ZStack 3.7
  • ZStack 3.10
  • ZStack 4.3.28
  • ZStack 4.7.11
  • ZStack 3.8
  • ZStack 4.0.1
  • ZStack 4.4.16
Top Reasons to Choose Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Streamline Data Protection


Flexible Backup Scheduling

Vinchin Backup & Recovery ia able to perform image-based, incremental and crash-consistent VM backup. You can set backup jobs to automatically run as scheduled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Combined this with smart and rational GFS(Grandfather-Father-Son) retention policy for certain reastore points, both basic backup and long-term retention requirements can be met in an efficient way.

LAN-Free Data Transfer

Besides traditional LAN-Based backup, Vinchin Backup & Recovery also supports backup data transfer via SAN for ZStack Cloud environments with Ceph storage deployed. If you want to backup some VMs during business hours, this does great to shorten backup windows and reduces stress on the production network.

Effective Data Reduction

Vinchin Backup & Recovery simplifies backup data size reduction for you by providing 3 start-ready features for high-level storage saving results: Data Deduplication, Data Compression, and Vinchin BitDetector. You can setup the data reduction plan by enabling different features per your demand for each backup job without trouble.

Backup Window Indicator

If the number of VMs that needs to be backed up is large and you don't have a clue how to reasonably arrange the start time of each job for optimized computing resource allocation, what can you do? Vinchin Backup & Recovery with Backup Window Indicator helps erase your headache when having this issue. It visualizes the backup session density during different periods of the day with different colors, so that you know when is the right time to place the backup job you're currently configuring.


Higher Backup Reliability


Backup Data Encryption

Vinchin Backup & Recovery applies bank-level encryption algorithm (AES-256 encryption standard) to encrypt data before transfer it to the backup storage, and a unique password needs to be set first. Each time when you need to recover the encrypted data, either it's from local backup storage, onsite/offsite backup copy storage, or onsite/cloud archive storage to the production ZStack environment, a password verification will always be required, so that only the user who knows the password can access those data assets.

Anti-Ransomware Backup Storage

Backup data protection does not end when the data is safely landed in the backup storage, if you are using Vinchin Backup & Recovery. The Backup Storage Protection the software provides empowers ordinary backup storage with anti-ransomware capacity. Based on real-time I/O monitoring, any data modification request by unauthorized applications will be directly denied by Vinchin backup server, making sure your ZStack backups are always safe at home.

Encrypted Transmission

Besides data encryption before data transfer, the LAN-based transmission path can also be secured by Encrypted Transmission in Vinchin Backup & Recovery during VM backup process. You can simply enable the feature through one click when setting up the transmission strategy for a ZStack backup job. Once it's enabled, you can make sure that unauthorized access will be kept away from your critical backups when being transferred to the backup storage.

Enhanced Data Availability

Best 3-2-1 Backup Practice

Vinchin Backup & Recovery helps build an ideal 3-2-1 backup architecture for ZStack users using Local Backup-Cloud Archive-Remote Backup Copy tactic. Taking the most basic local backups as the start, you can then send their extra backup copies to another location, or archive them to the desired cloud storage for more effective data storage. In this way, even if disaster strikes your primary data center, there's nothing to worry about because there will always be available data copies that can help you recover critical VMs in the ZStack environment.


Flexible VM Recoveries

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, you can fully utilize one data copy in multiple recovery scenarios including instant VM restore, file-level granular restore, and full VM restore. With flexible restore options available, you can easily adopt the problem-oriented strategy to deal with the most emergency situation. No matter it’s the mistaken file deletion, business interruption, or primary site damage, there's always one solution that recovers target data/business in the most accurate way.

Improved TCO

Manpower Savings

Vinchin Backup & Recovery applies agentless backup technology to process VM backups with lighter computing resources. Traditional agent-based VM backup usually requires more system resources and maintenance workloads to get satisfying backups. But by using ZStack Cloud backup solutions from Vinchin, you can get a backup job for any virtual machine in the environment immediately started, without unnecessary agent maintenance costs needed.


Intuitive Management

Designed to reduce your administration time spent on ZStack protection, you can simply control the entire backup environment from a single web-based console using Vinchin Backup & Recovery. Besides built-in out-of-box features, you can also find the data visualization interface from the console that helps you grab a hold of the system's usage and working status through pretty graphics. You can make the most of the software using one user-friendly console without extra cost for a management application.

Resources for ZStack Backup

Product Guides

Materials for you to quickly get started with Vinchin Backup & Recovery


Product Overview V8.0


Quick Installation Guide

Installation Guide V8.0


Release Note

Release Note V8.0


User Guide

User Guide V8.0


How-to Video

Learn how to backup and recover your ZStack with Vinchin

Blogs about ZStack

Keep up to date with Vinchin latest developments on ZStack

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Find the best licensing model for your ZStack Protection

Use Vinchin Backup & Recovery to protect your business-critical data with a wide range of features

There’re currently 2 licensing models available:
Perpetual and Subscription.

A Vinchin Perpetual License means one-time pay, forever use! You can enjoy complete VM protection from Vinchin Backup & Recovery without limitation of time. It is sold by the number of physical CPU sockets on target hosts.

A Vinchin Subscription License allows you to subscribe the Vinchin Backup & Recovery every per 1-3 years to balance your budget. It is subscribed by the number of virtual machines that you need to protect.


Available Edition for ZStack Backup

Find the best edition that suits your need most


Unlimited Protection
  • Forever Incremental Backup
  • SpeedKit
  • BitDetector
  • Backup to Cloud
  • LAN-Free Backup
  • Instant VM Recovery
  • Full VM Recovery
  • File Level Recovery
  • Backup Copy (onsite/offsite/cloud)
  • Backup Archive (onsite/cloud)
  • Deduplication & Compression
  • Proxy
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Data Encryption
  • GFS Retention Policy
  • V2V
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Pricing FAQs

Some answers to the most common questions about pricing

Which hosts are required to be licensed in my virtual environment?

Licenses are required only for the hosts you intend to backup. The hosts on which you want to recover VMs does not need to be licensed.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, single order amount exceeds US$10,000, you can get a discount from Vinchin. The larger the order, the higher the discount. Please contact or Vinchin sales manager for a discount details.

What are the international taxes, duties, etc. that I have to pay?

You don't need to pay any additional international taxes, you only need to pay the import tax according to your local tax policy if there's any.

What's the purchase procedure?

1. Contact Vinchin sales manager to confirm your purchase.

2. Receive contract & invoice from Vinchin by email.

3. Sign on the contract with your company stamp and send it to Vinchin by email.

4. Receive Vinchin signed contract and submit the payment transfer, once done, send transfer proof to Vinchin by email.

5. Once we receive your payment, Vinchin sales manager will contact you to deliver license by email. (Bank wire transfer usually takes 3-5 working days, Paypal/AliPay/WeChat Pay usually takes 1-2 working days)

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