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News List Exceeding $100 Million! Black Basta Ransomware Group Demands Astonishing Ransom Amount

Exceeding $100 Million! Black Basta Ransomware Group Demands Astonishing Ransom Amount

2023-12-05 | Vinchin Official


According to a joint study by Corvus Insurance and Elliptic, the ransomware group Black Basta has collected at least $100+ million in ransom payments from over 90 victims since its first appearance in April 2022.

Affiliated with Black Basta, the cybercriminals steal sensitive data from infected systems and deploy ransomware payloads on targeted networks to encrypt compromised systems. The stolen data is then used to threaten victims, with the threat of releasing the data on Black Basta's dark web leak site if the corresponding ransom is not paid.

Analysis indicates that since early 2022, Black Basta has received at least $107 million in ransom payments, involving over 90 victims. At least 35% of known Black Basta victims have paid the ransom, with the largest single ransom payment reaching $9 million. Additionally, at least 18 ransom payments exceeded $1 million, with an average ransom payment value of $1.2 million.

To address the escalating ransomware incidents, Vinchin provides a comprehensive and professional anti-ransomware solution: Vinchin Backup & Recovery. This product offers efficient data backup, encrypted transmission, data recovery, and backup data integrity protection, providing a holistic data protection solution for enterprise-level users.


1. Comprehensive Backup:
After deploying Vinchin Backup 
& Recovery, the original business data is automatically synchronized and uploaded to the system platform, ensuring both backup data consistency and storage security. When a ransomware attack occurs, users can restore business operations by securely recovering from the backup points in Vinchin System.

 Comprehensive Backup.png


2. Encrypted Transmission:
Backup data is processed through deduplication and compression to reduce the size of backup data blocks. Then, the backup data blocks are encrypted and transmitted using AES256 encryption. This ensures data security during the transmission of core and critical data, making it impossible to read the transmitted files
 if they are illegally accessed.

 Encrypted Transmission.png


3. Instant Recovery:
For users with high requirements for business continuity, Vinchin offers the ability to recover data from a specific backup point within seconds. This recovery process has no impact on the original backup data, minimizing the occurrence of core business interruptions caused by ransomware attacks. It allows businesses to securely resume backup operations without paying ransom.

 Instant Recovery.jpg


4. Backup Data Integrity Protection:
By embedding the Vinchin Encrypted core process into the system kernel, Vinchin actively monitors I/O activities in real-time. It blocks unauthorized access and modifications to the backup system's service files, backup data files, internal database files, dependency libraries, and configuration files, ensuring integrity and correctness.


Backup Data Integrity Protection.png

The $100+ million ransom paid to the Black Basta ransomware group serves as a wake-up call for all enterprises, reminding them to prioritize data security protection. By promptly deploying Vinchin Backup Recovery and establishing effective backup and disaster recovery mechanisms, enterprises can better safeguard their data, protect core assets, and minimize unnecessary losses in the face of ransomware attacks.

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