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Vinchin delivers Unibank S.A. fast, centralized VMware & XenServer backups for efficiency optimization

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Unibank had different backup solutions separately for VMware and XenServer backups, which made backup management of the mixed virtual environment cumbersome and hard to unify.


VMware vSphere & XenServer


Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers a highly compatible backup solution to unify VMware and XenServer backups into a single management console to help reduce Unibank IT team’s administration workloads, and CBT-driven incremental backups to fully protect both hypervisors with absolute efficiency.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery is the perfect choice when backing up a mixed virtual environment is needed. It shows high compatibility to finely support both of our VMware and XenServer virtual machines with powerful backup features, and simplicity which allows us to get hold of everything simply through a unified console. The high performance of the backup solution offers have greatly eased our mind knowing our critical data is always safe under its reliable and efficient protection.

Vauvenargue Etienne, Computer Operations Manager

Unibank S.A.

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Business Challenge

After nearly 30 years of rapid growing since inaugurated in July 1993, the commercial bank Unibank S.A. has today become “the Leading Bank of Haiti” in aspects of capital, profitability, customers, savings deposits, provincial deposits and international operations. With 43 branches in the country, assets of US $ 1.160 billion and more than 890,000 depositors, Unibank owns the largest client market in the Haitian banking sector.

The business implementation of Unibank heavily relies on the virtual infrastructure. “We have over 200 virtual machines in the data center with 65% XenServer and 35% VMware, which mounts most parts of the bank’s services. We had Xen Orchestra for XenServer and another legacy backup solution for VMware.” Says Vauvenargue, “So the backup job management is no doubt cumbersome that we have to constantly switch one interface to another for different types of VM backups, let alone the legacy one is even lack of high performance.”

With the data volumes continue to grow, on the long run the team realized that they still need a software for both of their XenServer and VMware environments. “We later tested Veeam, but it failed to meet our needs since it only supports to work with Hyper-V and VMware. At that time, we were kind of lost choosing the best alternative software when evaluative factors like price, performance and versatility were also taken into consideration.” Says Vauvenargue.

Vinchin Solution

After rounds of comparison, Unibank eventually chose Vinchin Backup & Recovery for its high compatibility, rich functionality and fairly affordable price. After a very quick installation process within minutes, the system now has been smoothly running in the primary data center of Unibank to deliver complete and continuous XenServer and VMware protection.

With the unified web console Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers, the IT team now is able to manage and monitor any job for VMware or XenServer backup and recovery. “Vinchin gives strong support for both hypervisors we have in the data center. By using the web-based configure console and visualization interface, backup and restore workloads for different VM types can all be centrally managed, saving us lots of time.” Says Vauvenargue, “And we can also implement system upgrades directly from the console, a very user-friendly design.”

If the ease-of-manage that Vinchin Backup & Recovery delivers first gives confidence to Unibank for data protection of a mixed virtual environment, the real high backup performance it shows then helps them deepen such thoughts. “The simplicity and efficiency of VM backups that the solution is able to perform really give us chills.” Says Vauvenargue, “No matter it’s for VMware or XenServer backups, we can always quickly set up a job for the target VM in just a few minutes, and the system will then handle the high data volumes effortlessly.” The VMware/XenServer CBT technology Vinchin fully adapts ensures the incremental backup processes within Unibank’s virtual machines always running at a high speed.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides Unibank with simplified and efficient VM backups which help to profoundly reduce the time for data protection administration. “Vinchin Backup & Recovery solves one of our biggest worries about the difficulty of protecting a mixed virtual environment. The centralized management and efficient backup strategy it delivers simplify VMware and XenServer protection in every aspect we can think of.” Says Vauvenargue. “With the CBT driven incremental backup and many other powerful backup features concluded in this all-in-one solution, we’re now able to carry on bank services worry-free with highly recoverable data always in hands.”