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Vinchin performs as #1 oVirt backup and recovery solution with a series of fast, reliable and flexible VM protection functionalities. By ensuring critical data on oVirt virtual machines always highly recoverable, Vinchin Backup & Recovery helps enterprises to achieve business continuity in an advanced way.

What you get for oVirt with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

#1 cost-effective solution

All-in-one backup system

Designed as an all-in-one oVirt protection software, Vinchin Backup & Recovery works to deliver customers the one-stop backup and disaster recovery (DR) services with various powerful built-in functionalities including oVirt engine backup, oVirt CBT, BitDetector, and instant VM restore.

Agentless VM backup

Agentless oVirt backup

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is able to perform automated, agentless oVirt backups. Through few minutes of simple backup scheduling, massive data in a single VM can be backed-up efficiently without extra manual controlling workload required.

User friendly IT operation

User-friendly IT operation

Vinchin sticks to stress the importance of easy backup principle with fool-proof job configuration and one single unified web console. Start your VM data protection journey in minutes with a few clicks, and take overall control of various oVirt backup and recovery jobs effortlessly.

Key features

  • Forever Incremental Backup

    Forever incremental backup

    A backup strategy performs full backup only once and incremental backups forever to reduce backup time and storage cost. You can also fully utilize SpeedKit, the Vinchin unique technology performs as CBT alternative to quickly identify changed data blocks, to profoundly speed up VM backup by multiple times.

  • oVirt Engine Backup

    Ovirt engine backup

    The Vinchin unique feature is designed for oVirt users by performing daily automated engine metadata backup, which secures all existing oVirt VM configurations without any complex manual preset needed. In case your oVirt environment crashes, the configuration data Vinchin Backup & Recovery safely keeps is still highly recoverable.

  • Flexible Node(s) Expansion

    Backup node expansion

    Using Vinchin backup server with backup node(s) expansion to easily back up large-size Red Hat Virtualization/oVirt clusters to add full scalability of backup infrastructure for the future growth of your business, and manage your backup nodes centrally with 0 extra maintenance cost still through the unified console.

  • BitDetector


    BitDetector helps to realize advanced data extract for more effective backup storage saving. This Vinchin unique technology is able to exclude swap files, partition gap and unpartitioned space and remain only written valuable data in backup repository, further freeing up backup space for later use.

  • Instant Recovery

    Instant recovery

    Vinchin unique instant restore feature allows oVirt to immediately run a VM using backups in the backup repository just like accessing its own local file system, which complies with improved SLAs requirement in business digitalization process by minimizing RTO to 15 seconds after any system errors, malicious attacks and unavoidable disaster.

  • Archive to Cloud

    Cloud archive

    Strictly following the best backup practice, 3-2-1 rule, Vinchin provides reliable access to cloud platforms including Alibaba Cloud, AWS S3 and S3 compatible storages for users to save another organized copy of oVirt VM backup for longer data retention use and effective disaster recovery.

  • File-level Restore

    File level restore

    Capable of locating and recovering target files or specific folders instead of full VM recovery, granular restore feature from Vinchin aims to fix partial soft breakdown on point and significantly improve recovery efficiency allowing users to retrieve important data in shorter time.

  • Offsite Backup Copy

    Offsite backup copy

    By saving another independent local backup copy in offsite backup environment, you can choose to restore target oVirt VM back to local or offsite data center, ensuring high data integrity even if both local production and backup environment break down.

Supported Platforms

For oVirt
oVirt 4.x

Vinchin × oVirt Online Conference

oVirt Online Conference is the annual official event held by oVirt community. By inviting community members global-wide to share insights of oVirt related technologies, oVirt users can get the chance knowing more aspects of this open-source virtualization.

As a leading oVirt backup solution provider in the oVirt community, Vinchin has been one of the presenters since 2020.

2021 - Strengthen Your oVirt Data Resiliency and Protection

In this section, we unlocked a series of new technologies Vinchin Backup & Recovery applies, showing how it helps oVirt users implement advanced data protection in a simplified way.

  • Architecture of Backup using ImageIO API
  • Backup Data Reduction for oVirt
  • Cross Platform Restore – V2V
  • Ransomware and other malware protection
Vinchin Backup & Recovery is available to be installed in physical server or virtual server

Unlock the secrets behind new oVirt backup and recovery technologies with Luwen Zhang, the Product Manager at Vinchin at the conference.

2020 - Next-Gen oVirt Backup & DR Solution

In this section, what had been introduced includes details of the core technologies applied to Vinchin Backup & Recovery, and how exactly they work to deliver reliable and advanced oVirt protection.

  • LAN-Free oVirt Backup
  • oVirt Incremental Backup
  • oVirt-engine Metadata Backup
  • Instant oVirt VM Recovery
  • Multi-Protect oVirt VMs
Vinchin Backup & Recovery is available to be installed in physical server or virtual server

Close up to the high performance of Vinchin Backup & Recovery via speech from Shall Ao, the Sales Director at Vinchin at the conference.

oVirt Community Recommended Backup Provider

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University of evora cover
University of Évora / Portugal

"Right now, we are backing up our Web-Servers to support the investigation of the Use of Saliva for Diagnosis and Monitoring the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). We are using oVirt to support the project folding@home with computation resources for calculations for simulating proteins and SARS-CoV-2. With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the security of our research data is guaranteed. It's much reassuring and helpful for us to work at the frontline of the fight against COVID-19."

China Mobile

"Vinchin Backup & Recovery is a high-efficiency backup solution, LAN-Free transfer can increase backup and recover speed, save us at least 2 hours on backup & recovery every day. By selecting deduplication, compression and BitDetector options can save us at least 50% of storage space."

China mobile cover
Edataconsulting cover
Edataconsulting / Germany

“I’ve been using Vinchin Backup & Recovery in different environments for several months now and I must say that Vinchin is the right choice for efficient and automated backup of virtual machines. It just works without much worry since every step of job setup is clear and very easy to understand, and its innovative features with extremely fast backup and restore processing speed make this product a must-have for high-level data security.”

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