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Vinchin protects large oVirt environment for Questor Sistemas with highly efficient backup and recovery performance

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With hundreds of oVirt VMs bear the weight of multi-types of services continuously running in the data center for enterprise customers to realize simple accounting, tax and business management, a simple and fast protection solution for oVirt environment is needed to protect Questor’s key business data.




Vinchin brought an easy-to-use backup solution with a single web console that enables Questor to centrally manage various tasks, while incremental backup, SpeedKit and granular restore built inside helps to profoundly improve oVirt VM backup and recovery efficiency.

The result of deploying Vinchin Backup & Recovery went out rather satisfying, not just because the high backup and recovery performance of the software itself which perfectly meets our data protection needs, but also the customer-focused service that Vinchin really shows when we met technical issue, which was later quickly solved under their most in-time remote support. All these factors combined have deeply built our trust with Vinchin.

Giancarlo Vencato, IT Infrastructure Analyst

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Business Challenge

Founded in Brazil, Questor was first brought to the market in 1985 as a complex data processing solution provider, which later focused on delivering a suite of solutions that work to simplify the accountant's routine in solving accounting, tax and payroll problems. Today, after over 35 years of developing and innovating in the technology field, Questor's portfolio of solutions has been nationally recognized as the best and most complete ERP product for business accounting management. With branch offices equipped with business, technical and after-sales support teams throughout Brazil, Questor has successfully served over 75,000 customers worldwide.

"Since our developing goal is to make portfolio of solutions to be differentiated by business model that guarantees both quality and speed to meet customers' needs in an all-around way, we have built a relatively large data center based on oVirt infrastructure, and hundreds of VMs bear the weight of different multi-types of services are continuously running for enterprise customers to realize simple accounting, tax and business management." Said Mr.Vencato. "Data is such a mission-critical factor for our company, therefore, we prefer a simple and fast data protection solution which is capable of guaranteeing both data security and business continuity."

Vinchin Solution

Just when Giancarlo and his team were searching for a reliable oVirt backup solution online, the name Vinchin somehow caught his huge interest out of millions of search results. "After having a quick overview of the product, we thought it may be a right choice to protect our oVirt environment, but is it really as good as what's been shown on the site?" Said Mr.Vencato. "In order to test its real capability, I decided to download the full-featured free edition for the first evaluation."

The result turns out to be beyond Giancarlo’s anticipation. "After the simple software installation, all I see was a concise and subtly designed web UI which later was proved to be the only needed console to deploy all your backup and recovery tasks, leaving a very smart and user-friendly impression at the start." Said Mr.Vencato.

"For the VM backup process, the software performs highly efficient automated backups require no extra manual operation workload once you finish the task configuration in minutes. Especially under the help of the CBT alternative feature SpeedKit, which really works to improve the speed of incremental backups of hundreds of oVirt VMs, we can sleep at night knowing that Vinchin protects our data center in a stable and reliable way." Said Mr.Vencato. "And the granular restore also succeeds to help us on cutting down much time cost by processing quick file-level restore. Partial service breakdown can be inevitable sometimes, and deploy full VM restore under such cases will be too much. Luckily Vinchin provides the optimal recovery strategy for our oVirt environment, it can work to resolve any tiny issues proactively."


"Vinchin Backup & Recovery has perfectly met all of our needs of data protection for our large-size oVirt environment. By fully utilizing incremental backup with SpeedKit, granular restore and along with many other useful features, we can finally work on the key business projects worry-free for customers to better deal with their financial affairs by bringing our trendy digitalized solutions to the market." Said Mr.Vencato.

"Besides, Vinchin not just shows the professional characteristic as a virtual platform protection provider in their versatile backup and recovery product, but also the most in-time and strong support for customers from the technical support team. "Said Mr.Vencato. "During the first few backup task deployments, they managed to input 3 hours of great effort to remotely help me solve some unexpected problems which were in fact caused by the lack of network resources in our production environment, even though they weren't in their working hours but the middle of night in China, and that's exactly when I decided to choose Vinchin for long-term partner."


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