Vinchin Backup & Recovery delivers powerful, enterprise-grade backup solutions with a full set of functionalities tailored for Microsoft Exchange protection, whether deployed on virtual machines or physical servers. The solution ensures highly reliable and secure backup of Exchange data to anywhere - be it on-premise, offsite, or in cloud, including Azure, Amazon S3, Wasabi, and more.

Why Choose Vinchin for Exchange Protection

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides industry-leading level protection services for Exchange



Streamlined Exchange backup and recovery process with minimized manual workloads



Provide multiple recovery options for Exchange on both physical server and VM



Get your business critical data in Exchange well protected in shortest time

Highlight Features for Exchange Protection

Enjoy well-performed exchange protection features from one solution

  • Fast and Robust Backup
  • Secure and Flexible Recovery
  • Advanced Monitoring & Reporting

Data-Consistant, Forever Incremental Backup

Vinchin supports forever incremental backups while ensuring data is consistent with increments. Users can combine with a range of smart backup strategies for efficient and automated backups through flexible job scheduling and retention policy. Moreover, users have the flexibility to select the granularity for backup, allowing for the swift backup of specific items within Exchange instead of backing up the entire Exchange server.

Guaranteed Data Safety

Vinchin ensures the confidentiality and security of your data throughout the entire process from data transfer to storage end. During data transmission, RSA Algorithm Encryption is employed to prevent data leakage. When data safely transferred to storage, you can simplely store backup data immutable by enabling Storage Protection, at the same time AES 256 Encryption and Role-based Access Control can be applied to guarantee the highest level of data security.

Ultimate Data Compression

Vinchin provides Data Compression for effective backup data size reduction and storage savings. Four compression levels can be selected ranging from low to high: Quick Compression, Standard Compression, Maximum Compression, and Ultimate Compression. As the compression level increases, more storage space can be saved. Ultimate Compression can efficiently compress over double of the data amount, thereby maximizing storage resource savings.

Efficient Data Transmission

Vinchin supports highly efficient and flexible data transmission strategies. On one hand, you can configure self-defined Multi-threaded Transmission and use Dedicated Network to transfer backup data in high speed way, completing the entire backup process in the shortest possible time. On the other hand, If you hope to reduce the load during peak business hours, custom Throttling Policy can be set up, with support for both Global Throttling and single job based Throttling Policy.

Full and Granular Recovery

Vinchin supports the recovery of entire mailboxes or enables quick granular recovery of individual emails, folders, calendar events, and contacts from any full backup point or incremental backup point. This ensures that all versions of your data are readily available when needed most. Additionally, you can effortlessly browse through Exchange backups and utilize advanced search functionality to precisely locate desired files, facilitating fast and efficient recovery.

Ransomware-Free Recovery

To ensure clean and accessible recovery data, Vinchin employs built-in storage protection techniques to safeguard your valuable backup data from ransomware and other malware threats. Through real-time I/O monitoring, any unauthorized data modification requests from unknown applications are promptly denied, ensuring that all your Exchange backup data is securely stored and protected against ransomware attacks. This guarantees a ransomware-free recovery process, providing you with peace of mind.

One-Click Instant Recovery

One exclusive and highly useful feature offered by Vinchin is One-click Instant Recovery with capability to check email content details. When performing granular email-level recovery, administrator with permission can directly view email details on Vinchin Backup & Recovery, swiftly re-capturing critical business content, and allows for directly email content editting and email sending, or initiating one-click instant email recovery, providing users with maximum convenience and peace of mind after data loss due to hardware failures, software errors, or accidental deletions.

Flexible Restore Destination

Vinchin supports flexible recovery to multiple destinations. Based on any full backup points or incremental backup points, data can be restored to the original user organization or to different user organizations. When selecting a recovery path for backups, options include restoring to the original path, newly created path, or restoring to the specified users.

Real-Time Notifications & Reports

Vinchin designed user-friendly monitor and notification functionalities to make you grab hold of each data protection task of Exchange running result in time. Through the intuitive interface of the Monitor Center and Reports, backup data, job status, storage resources, backup system status, etc. can be monitored in real-time. Additionally, users will receive timely job alerts to promptly address issues.

Large-Screen Data Visualization

Data Visualization, integrated into the web management console, is another advanced data monitoring feature provided by Vinchin. It enables users to quickly check and monitor the real-time operational status of each functional partition via a large display screen. This feature is especially suitable for conference room scenarios.

Supported Versions for Exchange

Enjoy well-performed exchange protection features from one solution

  • Exchange Server 2013
  • Exchange Server 2016
  • Exchange Server 2019
  • Exchange Online

Key Benefits with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Improve overall IT operation experience from multiple dimensions

Multi-Platform Protection

Vinchin delivers comprehensive data protection for multiple environments with one solution, except for Microsoft Exchange, other supported platforms includes 15+ mainstream virtualizations, 6 mainstream database, Windows and Linux servers, CIFS/NFS file shares, etc.

Simplified Management

Designed to reduce IT administration workloads for users who deploy a complex IT infrastructure in the data center, Vinchin provides a single web-based console for you to control the whole backup environment with better visibility and centralized control of jobs management. You can simply configure the automated backup and recovery jobs and get any task done within minutes through a single pane of glass.

Overhead Reduction

Vinchin is dedicated to providing users with the easiest-to-use, cost-optimized, and high-performance backup solutions. Enjoy streamlined software installation and job configuration, allowing users to start the first backup within minutes. Vinchin provides competitive market prices while guarantees the best performance, saving IT expenses more than you expected. All of your critical workloads are well protected with one unified platform and one universal license.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vinchin Exchange backup guarantee my database consistency?

Yes, Vinchin Backup & Recovery Exchange backup is application-consistent.

Does Vinchin Backup & Recovery Free Edition support for Microsoft Exchange?

No, currently Vinchin Backup & Recovery Free Edition does not support for Microsoft Exchange.

What is the license policy for Microsoft Exchange?

The protection of Microsoft Exchange(both Exchange Server and Exchange Online) is licensed on per-user basis.

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