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Vinchin simplifies VM backup management in complex virtual environment for Edataconsulting

Quick Overview




IT Services


As an IT service provider with multiple virtualization platforms running in the production data center simultaneously, it’s very difficult to manage VM backups of heterogenous environment with legacy backup solutions.


VMware, XenServer, oVirt


Vinchin brought a highly compatible backup solution integrates backup job management of various virtualization platforms into a centralized web console, while LAN-Free backup and granular restore help to significantly speed up backup/restore job processing efficiency without affecting business service.

I’ve been using Vinchin Backup & Recovery in different environments for several months now and I must say that Vinchin is the right choice for efficient and automated backup of virtual machines. It just works without much worry since every step of job setup is clear and very easy to understand, and its innovative features with extremely fast backup and restore processing speed make this product a must-have for high-level data security.

Jairo Alvarez, System Department Manager


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Business Challenge

Edataconsulting is a decentralized IT company with offices in Heidelberg (Germany) and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) with more than 60 professionals in the field of consulting, cybersecurity, big data, etc., dedicated to support customers throughout their digitization process by giving solid suggestions to improve IT implementation and boost their business. They provide IT services ranges from website, application and cloud development, cybersecurity and systems, design and communication, augmented reality and virtual reality to systematic data analysis.

In order to fulfill different business development needs, Edataconsulting has to implement several virtualization platforms including VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer and oVirt in the service data center. “For the regular running of our production environment, everything goes smoothly since each system can be managed independently. However, when it comes to backup, there comes the problem. Previously, backup of different platform means deployment of different backup software, which, in the long run, will 100% cause serious headache for us.” Said Mr.Alvarez.

With customers from all industries continuously coming to Edataconsulting for help every day online, it requires quick response of both consulting team and website service. “With such heavy daily workload, we clearly cannot distract much from what we should be doing to improve customers’ experience. In my opinion, backup should be an invisible yet useful helper which can protect data center without affecting normal service running, but several solutions we’ve tested before all fails to meet our high business requirement since they wither do not support LAN-Free backup outside of VMware, or the job setup is too complicated that needs us to spend much extra research time just to better operate the software.” Said Mr.Alvarez.

Vinchin Solution

Vinchin Backup & Recovery eliminates the regular headache of IT staff from Edataconsulting by performing as the most user-friendly backup solution with easy job setups and finely designed centralized web console. “The crafted web console allows users to take over each VM through a single interface is definitely one of the best. Once the software is installed, we can carry out all the necessary backup and restore jobs simply, making data protection management of a complex virtualization environment extremely simple and straightforward.” Said Mr.Alvarez. 

Since it’s rather necessary for IT service providers like Edataconsulting to reach the goal of having both high service response efficiency and reliable data protection, Vinchin Backup & Recovery also succeeds to solve their most urgent need by providing LAN-Free backup to realize fast production data saving and backup simultaneously.The high compatibility of Vinchin really surprises us a lot, especially when we learn about the fact that it supports LAN-Free backup almost on all of our mainly used platforms, we can now back up massive VMs in a very short time during business hours, and the network speed is also guaranteed.” Said Mr.Alvarez.

Based on the principle of improved SLAs, Vinchin also contributes to effectively save valuable IT time with more innovative features. “Before deploying Vinchin, the VM restore a draining process to wait, especially when we need specific data to use since many backup solutions only supports full VM backup. Luckily, we choose Vinchin to change the whole situation. The granular restore feature helps to save us a lot of work, as we can choose to restore any target file instead of waiting for the full VM restore to take place every time we need it.” Said Mr.Alvarez.


“I’ve been working in the IT field for many years, one of my specializations is virtualization, and I could say I’m rather satisfied with the high data protection performance of Vinchin Backup & Recovery. The highly multi-platforms integrated solution with many innovative features succeeds to make VM backup in a simple and clear way, leaving aside our headaches previously caused by over-complicated backup and restore deployment.” Said Mr.Alvarez.