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News List Vinchin Backup & Recovery v4.0 supports VMware vSphere 6.7 version

Vinchin Backup & Recovery v4.0 supports VMware vSphere 6.7 version


Recently, the world's leading enterprise software innovator VMware launched the latest versions of VMware vSphere and VMware vSAN – To support the industry leading HCI solutions, and to help companies in the data centers, edge, public cloud, or hybrid cloud environment safely running critical business applications and modern applications. VMware vSphere 6.7 and VMware vSAN 6.7 has enhanced the user experience, security, application support, and hybrid cloud management.

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After the release of VMware vSphere/vSAN 6.7, Vinchin Test Group conducted detailed tests on the compatibility of Vinchin Backup & Recovery v4.0 and the VMware vSphere/vSAN 6.7 environment. After a series of adaptations and tests, Vinchin Backup & Recovery v4.0 has been able to provide Backup, Restore, and Instant Recovery for the VMware vSphere/vSAN 6.7.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery features for VMware vSphere/vSAN 6.7 include:


Ø  Image-based backup & agentless backup

Backup the entire virtualization environment via your vCenter or ESXi username and password without installing any agent on the VMs.

Ø  High-efficiency backup strategy

Vnchin Backup & Recovery supports full backup, forever incremental backup and differential backup. Flexible backup schedules set by daily, weekly, monthly let the backup jobs run as scheduled without system manager.

Ø  BitDetector to avoid backup unnecessary data

With BitDetector, Vinchin backup & Recovery can go deep inside the operation system, to detect and exclude the swap files, deleted files and unpartitioned space, so that to avoid backup unnecessary data, reduce backup size and save backup storage space.

Ø  LAN-Free data transfer

Vinchin Backup & Recovery supports LAN-Free data transfer of FC, iSCSI and NFS storage in VMware environment when doing backup and recovery. Target VM data will be transferred between production repository and backup repository without using LAN network. Helps speed up backup and recovery time, lower the production system load.

Ø  Changed Block TrackingCBT

All the backup jobs created in VMware environment supports CBT configuration, which can quickly identify and backup the changed data in the virtual machines when doing incremental backup.

Ø  Data compression and deduplication

Vinchin Backup & Recovery supports data compression and deduplication in specified block size, extremely reduced the backup size and save storage space.


As the technology alliance partner of VMware and been certified by VMware Ready, Vinchin has showed its strong capability to support the VMware vSphere/vSAN family backup at the very first, provide seamless compatibility with VMware virtual infrastructure, and satisfy the specific VMware integration and interoperability standards.


Vinchin will keep focusing on improvement of VMware backup and provide our customers and partners with secured, cost-effective and low-risk key data protection solutions.


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