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Vinchin Backup Free Edition

Free VM Backup for VMware, XenServer, RHV/oVirt, Sangfor etc. Vinchin Backup Free Edition is a non-profit backup tool produced by Vinchin to assist micro-businesses. It’s packed with basic VM backup and VM restore functions, protects up to 3 VMs, FREE FOREVER!

As your business or data volume grows, Vinchin Backup Free Edition can no longer cover your backup needs. You can easily upgrade your Free edition to Essential, Standard or Enterprise edition by uploading a paid perpetual license key.

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Quick Overview of Vinchin Backup Free Edition

Free for Use Forever

Whether you are a new virtualization user or are operating within a tight budget.Vinchin Backup Free Edition helps you get everything under control.

Comprehensive Data Protection

System-level, agentless, image-based, application-aware backup and recovery for VMware, XenServer, KVM and more virtualizations.

Save Backup Repository Space

High efficient data compression reduces the backup file size and save space for backup repository.

Scale-out Backup Repository

Various types of storage can be mounted as backup repository, including Partition, Local Disk, Logical Volume, Fiber Channel, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS.

Smart Backup & Recovery Schedule

Flexible time schedule settings can help you automatically execute all the backup and restore jobs at appointed time. Backup retention policy allows you to reserve backups as scheduled as well.

Easy For Manage and Monitor

Any backup and recovery operation can be executed via an unified management platform - Vinchin backup server web console.

Why use Vinchin Backup as your free VM backup solution?

Traditional backup technology mainly provides protection for the system internal identifiable objects, such as files, applications, operating systems, volumes, etc. It requires to install proxy software in the operating system of each VM to complete the backup. Not only cost much higher on OPS and management, but also may have other problems such as compatibility.

Vinchin Backup is image-based backup solution and no need to install any agent on the guest OS, directly access hypervisor to do the protection which leads a zero consumption of OS resources and reduce both deployment time and operation workload.

Having more than 3 VMs need protection?

Start with the FREE 60-DAY TRIAL of full-featured Enterprise Edition now!