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Simplify your XCP-ng protection with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Easy, smart, cost-effective.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery can perform highly efficient VM protection in a standalone XCP-ng host and pool environment, strengthening your modern IT infrastructure through best practices.

What you get for XCP-ng with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

#1 cost-effective solution

#1 cost-effective solution

Vinchin helps you to start your XCP-ng VM protection journey at a most reasonable deployment cost. Besides providing easy access to own this all-in-one VM backup solution, you'll also get life-time free technical support to help you utilize the product to the maximum.

Agentless VM backup

Agentless VM backup

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides streamlined VM protection with the capacity of automated agentless VM backup. Through few minutes of simple set up, massive data in a single VM can be backed-up efficiently without extra manual controlling workload required.

User friendly web console

User-friendly web console

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides full-featured backup system with one single web console for you to realize 100% centralized task management. Through the finely designed web UI, you will ba able to monitor massive backup/recovery tasks centrally to gain optimum operation experience.

Key features

  • Instant Recovery

    Instant recovery

    Deploy this Vinchin unique feature with a few clicks after system errors, malicious attacks and unavoidable disaster, the backup server will transfer essential data back to target XCP-ng VM in the production system immediately for fast restore, minimizing service downtime in 15 seconds.

  • BitDetector


    Another Vinchin unique technology designed to realize advanced data extract for more effective backup storage saving. Based on the working principle of excluding swap files, partition gap and unpartitioned space aims to remain only written valuable data in backup servers, backup space can be further freed up for later use.

  • Archive to Cloud

    Clolud archive

    Strictly following the best backup practice, 3-2-1 rule, Vinchin provides reliable access to cloud platforms including Alibaba Cloud, AWS S3 and S3 compatible storages for users to save another organized copy of XCP-ng VM backup for longer data retention use and effective disaster recovery.

  • File-level Recovery

    File level recovery

    Granular restore feature can recover data accurately at file/folder level, and fix partial soft breakdown on point. Granular restore can significantly improve recovery speed when retrieval of important data is in urgent need, eliminating unnecessary waiting for the process of full VM restore.

  • Deduplication & Compression

    Deduplication and compression

    Two powerful features to reduce backup size and free up backup storage. While deduplication works more detailed to detect duplicate data blocks especially the zeroed data blocks and store unique data blocks only, compression helps to further reduce the backup size by at least 50% by compressing deduplicated data blocks.

  • Flexible Node Expansion

    Backup node expansion

    Use Vinchin backup server with backup node(s) expansion for backing up large-size XCP-ng clusters, adding full scalability of backup infrastructure for the future growth of your business yet 0 extra maintenance cost through centralized management of backup nodes.

Supported Platforms

For XCP-ng
XCP-ng 7.x~8.x
Xcp ng ecosystem XCP-ng Ecosystem Recommended Backup Provider

Live Webinar – Strengthen your IT business continuity with Vinchin and XCP-ng

Vinchin + XCP-ng partnership means modern business workload optimization. The flexible and powerful XCP-ng backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions Vinchin delivers support enterprises to achieve higher business visions, by making critical data highly available for all time.

In this joint webinar, you can get a quick overview of how Vinchin Backup & Recovery performs seamless data protection for XCP-ng.

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Get insights about Vinchin × XCP-ng joint IT solutions from Olivier Lambert, CEO at Vates SAS - XCP-ng, and Luwen Zhang, the Product Manager at Vinchin.

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Executive Environment Agency

"By choosing Vinchin Backup & Recovery as one of our professional VM backup solutions, we have greatly improved our IT team work efficiency. Vinchin delivers us professional and standard data protection. It's a future proof solution with user-friendly features and functionalities. We can get 24/7 support for incidents whenever needed."


" Honestly, we have been using the legacy backup solution to complete data protection after the company’s business model shift. However, we did not expect that many complicated problems appeared, which sometimes even affected the normal operation of the company. Meanwhile, it has lost the capability to perform features what we need due to the version upgrade restrictions. After serious consideration, we upgraded to Vinchin! "

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“ Growing popularity of virtualization infrastructures raises new demands that also relate to data backup solutions, while our solution is okay for the physical environment, it could not manage the virtual environment with the same efficiency. Therefore, we are searching for a solution that would meet both easy-to-use needs well as being able to effective and fast backup for large amount VMs. Finally Vinchin stands out! ”

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