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Simplify your Hyper-V protection with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Easy, smart, cost-effective.


Get your Hyper-V protection well prepared with Vinchin Backup & Recovery.

Providing various built-in user-friendly backup and restore functionalities, the reliable backup solution helps to set all-around protection plan to fully guarantee data security for your mission-critical business running in Hyper-V virtualization environment.

What you get for Hyper-V with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

User friendly web console

User-friendly IT operation

Simplicity is the golden rule of Vinchin. Deploy multiple flexible features easily with a few clicks, and take overall control of various Hyper-V backup and recovery jobs simultaneously through a centralized web console.

Powerful hyper v support

Powerful Hyper-V Support

Vinchin Backup & Recovery keeps Hyper-V Server/Hyper-V on Windows server safe and highly available with agentless backup strategy. Rely on the SpeedKit technology, backup job can speed up multiple times

Storage saving

Storage-saving optimization

Vinchin provides deduplication, compression features and flexible retention strategy to effectively reduce backup storage. Deploy on demand to get high data integrity for business with optimum storage-saving results.

Key features

  • BitDetector


    Another Vinchin unique technology designed to realize advanced data extract for more effective backup storage saving. Based on the working principle of excluding swap files, partition gap and unpartitioned space aims to remain only written valuable data in backup servers, backup space can be further freed up for later use.

  • File-level Recovery

    File level recovery

    Vinchin provides granular restore feature to recover specific files or folders instead of the entire VM, so as to fix partial soft breakdown on point, significantly improving recovery efficiency for users to retrieve important data in time.

  • Faster Incremental Backup

    Faster Incremental Backup

    The Vinchin unique SpeedKit feature performs as the most powerful RTC alternative for Hyper-V. Based on snapshot technology, Vinchin can quickly identify and back up changed data blocks, reducing backup data size for faster incremental backups.

  • Agentless Backup

    Rooted from image-based agentless backup infrastructure, Vinchin helps to set a quick start of backup. By backing up data directly from hypervisor layer without any agent installation needed inside each Hyper-V VM, effortless software deployment can be easily achieved, requiring less resource consumption of production environment.

  • Offsite Backup Copy

    Offsite backup copy and cloud archive

    By deploying offsite backup copy to build your own DR center in another location, you can choose to restore Hyper-V VMs back to local or offsite data center once any disaster occurs, minimizing the risk of data loss.

  • Backup Node Expansion

    Backup node expansion

    Use Vinchin backup server with backup node(s) expansion for backing up large-size Hyper-V clusters, adding full scalability of backup infrastructure for the future growth of your business yet 0 extra maintenance cost through centralized management of backup nodes.

Supported Platforms

For Microsoft Hyper-V Server
Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019 / Windows 10(Desktop OS)
For Microsoft Hyper-V on Windows Server
Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019

We win trust from global brands

Iveri cover
iVeri / South Africa

"By consolidating our data centers, we're becoming more strategic and efficient in the way we use technology to support the business. Vinchin Backup & Recovery is facilitating the consolidation, also is protecting our environment. Backups are our best friend, as long as we have a reliable backup, we know data is protected, available and resilient. Vinchin is the icing on the cake for backup."


" With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, our backup processes are now running successfully, predictably, and smoothly. Even our data has increased to over 50TB and we have now 300+ virtual machines, we can achieve the high scalability on data protection with Vinchin Backup Server and extendable Nodes, to help us decentralize the workloads of overwhelming backup and recovery tasks. "

Petrochina cover
Enbi cover
Enbi / Singapore

"Deploying a comprehensive data Disaster Recovery solution became an urgent for us. Under this premise, we made a long-term comparison of backup software from many of the best vendors in the world. In the end, Vinchin stands out due to its easy-to-use web console and great backup and recovery functions."

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