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Simplify your OpenStack protection with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Easy, smart, cost-effective.


As the world’s most popular open-source cloud platform, OpenStack has been widely chosen by modern large enterprises to meet their needs of more flexible cloud platform construction.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery adapts to the flexibility of OpenStack to better strengthen its infrastructure with efficient and powerful automatic instance backup and recovery functionalities.

What you get for OpenStack with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Efficient VM protection

Independent Powerful Support

As a 100% third-party backup solution, Vinchin Backup & Recovery also calls APIs of OpenStack supported storage solutions including distributed storage (Ceph) and centralized storage (HPE 3PAR, NetApp, Promise, etc.), making sure your mission-critical project data can be highly recoverable all the time.

Agentless VM Backup

Agentless OpenStack Backup

Based on the image-based backup technology, Vinchin Backup & Recovery is able to run backup jobs agentlessly within OpenStack platform to protect your instances in target project(s), providing easiest software deployment and optimal resources consumption.

Real time Monitor Center

Real-time Monitor Center

Vinchin offers a single web console to optimize overall backup job management of massive instances. You’re able to browse and monitor all backup and recovery jobs running in your OpenStack environment in real time, and get the most in-time status feedback and job reports by simply setting up E-mail notifications in the interface.

Key features

  • Forever Incremental Backup

    Instant VM recovery

    Forever incremental backup works as a more time and storage saving backup strategy with once-off full backup at the start. You can put SpeedKit into full utilization with forever incremental backup, and the unique feature designed by Vinchin will work as CBT alternative to quickly identify changed data blocks for faster OpenStack volume backups.

  • LAN-Free Backup

    Lan free backup

    Compared to legacy LAN-based backup, LAN-Free backup strategy from Vinchin can transmit data of target instance from OpenStack to backup system directly through SAN, resulting fast and smooth volume backup process with 0 taken-up production network resources.

  • BitDetector


    This Vinchin unique technology mainly focuses on the detection and exclusion of swap files, partition gaps and unpartitioned spaces to remain only written valuable data in backup repository during OpenStack backup process, raising valid backup data rate per unit of job running time.

  • Offsite Backup Copy

    Offsite backup copy and cloud archive

    To reach higher data availability, you can choose to save independent backup copies of local production data in offsite data center. In case both local production and backup environment are damaged, your offsite backup copy of the latest restore point is still available for restoring target instance back to local or offsite OpenStack data center.

  • Archive to Cloud

    Forever incremental backup

    Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides accessible interfaces to Alibaba Cloud, AWS S3 and S3 compatible storages for you to archive OpenStack volumes of massive instances on cloud for longer data retention use, giving triple guarantee on data security.

  • Backup Node(s) Expansion

    Backup node expansion

    Considering the relatively large size of each OpenStack project, Vinchin provides backup node(s) adding features to help build a scale-out infrastructure to back up more OpenStack volumes. Data can be backed up distributedly to multiple backup depositories, and you can easily manage all nodes still through the default web console.

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We win trust from global brands

Viconia it ab
Viconia IT AB / Sweden

"Vinchin delivers us professional and standard enterprise scalability in the data protection aspect, it's a future proof solution with user-friendly features and functionalities. We are not only satisfied with Vinchin excellent backup solutions but also their outstanding support – we can get 24/7 support for incidents whenever needed, which improves efficiency while reducing difficulties in data protection operation and maintenance, to expand our business and take up industry challenges more easily, this is why we choose Vinchin again. "

Chengdu Municipal People’s Government

"We ended up choosing Vinchin Backup & Recovery as our preferred VM backup solution for protecting our thousands of Openstack VMs because it's highly intuitive and easy to use. The configuration is simple and flexible both when it comes to backing up, recovering, and monitoring with the web console and the reports. Moreover, we are very satisfied with the strong support from Vinchin's team that the competitors cannot offer. Vinchin Backup & Recovery is exactly what we want!"

Chengdu government
Unimed natal
Unimed Natal / Brazil

"I was not very familiar with VM backup solution. So I was a little worry due to my lack of such knowledge at the beginning, but when everything gets done by the Vinchin team, I found it's not that difficult, especially the Vinchin backup software is so easy to use for non-professional backup IT humans! This is a really affordable solution! Thanks to Marcelo and Vinchin. You are an amazing team!"

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