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Simplify your H3C CAS/UIS protection with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

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In modern business digitalization, cloud-computing generated data plays an important role in the process with unique values, and to have multiple backups of these data is mission-critical.

Have you ever thought of having a reliable third-party backup solution to protect your H3C CAS/UIS environment? Fully adapted to the agility of today’s IT infrastructure, Vinchin Backup & Recovery is able to deliver advanced data protection on a standalone or cluster H3C CAS/UIS host(s) to improve both VM backup and recovery efficiency.

What you get for H3C CAS/UIS with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Agentless VM backup

Agentless VM backup

Rely on the image-based backup mechanism, Vinchin Backup & Recovery is able to back up data of your H3C CAS/UIS VMs without any agent installed in the guest OS, providing easiest software deployment and optimal resources consumption.

Streamlined Data Protection

Streamlined Data Protection

Vinchin Backup & Recovery integrates various functionalities including regular VM/file backup, instant/file-level restore, backup copy and cloud archive into one easy-to-use web console, helping to minimize management workload especially when massive H3C CAS/UIS VMs needs to be protected.

Separated Backup Network

Separated Backup Network

To avoid production network traffic that may be caused due to backup job(s) running, a new separated backup network for H3C CAS/UIS VM backups is configurable in Vinchin Backup & Recovery, guaranteeing both high backup efficiency and smooth service running during business hours.

Key features

  • Forever Incremental Backup

    Forever incremental backup

    Forever incremental backup performs as a more time and storage saving incremental backup strategy with once-off full backup at the start. You can also turn on SpeedKit to further improve backup speed, as the Vinchin unique feature designed to alter CBT can work to quickly identify and only backup changed data blocks based on snapshot technology.

  • Deduplication & Compression

    Deduplication and compression

    To reduce the amount of data stored, Vinchin Backup & Recovery also incorporate multiple data reduction technologies including deduplication and compression for you to gain optimized storage-saving results. When enabled, deduplication feature will detect duplicate data blocks especially the zeroed data blocks and store unique data blocks only, while the other works to further reduce the size of backup data by at least 50% by compressing deduplicated data blocks.

  • BitDetector (In-depth data extraction)


    Compared with regular deduplication and compression features, BitDetector can be regarded as a more advanced data reduction technology that you can only find in Vinchin Backup & Recovery. This Vinchin uniquely-designed feature mainly focuses on the detection and exclusion of swap files, partition gaps and unpartitioned spaces to remain only written valuable data in backup repository during H3C CAS/UIS VM backup process, driving storage-saving results on the next level.

  • Backup Node(s) Expansion

    Instant recovery

    When the H3C CAS/UIS environment that needs to be backed-up is relatively large, you can expand your backup storage pool on demand by adding extra Vinchin backup node(s) to easily fulfill the need of large-size backup data saving. A high volume of data will be backed up distributedly to multiple backup nodes at the same time and all be safely stored, and you can simply manage all nodes still from the default web console when needed.

  • Instant Recovery

    File level recovery

    Deeply knowing the importance of business continuity to every modern enterprise, Vinchin Backup & Recovery is here to deliver instant restore feature to roll back your critical H3C CAS/UIS VM to the latest working state in 15 seconds. In case any VM crashes, with the latest restore point you select, Vinchin backup system can automatically mount the backup storage to a production host via NFS to realize instant business takeover, performing to meet the requirement of tighter RTOs.

  • Offsite DR & Cloud DR

    Cloud archive

    To comply with 3-2-1 backup rule, Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides backup copy and cloud archive features to help you save copies of your VM backups both in offsite and cloud storage. Even if the primary H3C CAS/UIS VM backup becomes unavailable, the offsite backup copy can be used as a reliable DR resource that allows you to transfer target data back to your primary backup system. And you can also archive your backup copy to Alibaba Cloud, AWS S3 or any other S3 compatible storage for long-term retention use, making critical business data be triple-secured.

Supported Platforms

H3C CAS 5.x~7.x
H3C UIS 5.x~7.x
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Authorized H3Cloud Partner

Vinchin Backup & Recovery has passed the H3C CAS 3.0 compatibility test and been certified by H3Cloud Ready. H3Cloud Ready is an authoritative certification to certify a H3C partner's product or solution has the high compatibility, high performance and high reliability when integrating with H3Cloud computing products. This means Vinchin Backup & Recovery is fully capable of delivering powerful data protection in your H3C CAS 3.0(and above) environment.

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