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Simplify your OLVM protection with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Easy, smart, cost-effective.


In the server virtualization era, every piece of data saved on VMs is mission-critical for business development. Deploy Vinchin Backup & Recovery no matter on a standalone host or cluster environment for more secure Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager infrastructure by hitting data loss on point.

What you get for OLVM with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Innovation driven protection

Innovation-driven protection

Designed as an all-in-one VM protection solution with various powerful features including SpeedKit (CBT alternative), BitDetector, instant restore and granular restore etc. all at once for users to enjoy, Vinchin helps to protect your entire Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager environment in a more advance way.

Effortless job management

Effortless job management

The intuitive web console designed for centralized backup/restore management enables any user to control every data protection task in a matter of minutes even under a large-size virtualization environment, and to finish backup scheduling of massive VMs with flexible yet clear options is like a lift of fingers.

IT cost optimization

IT cost optimization

Based on the agentless backup mode, Vinchin Backup & Recovery works to provide Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager users an easy access to full VM data protection without any complex agent installation and configuration needed, reducing both deployment and maintenance cost by multiple times.

Key features

  • Forever Incremental Backup

    Forever incremental backup

    An advanced incremental backup strategy to further save more valuable time and storage performing full backup only once at the start. For users who have sufficient local storage, SpeedKit, the Vinchin unique feature based on snapshot technology can be also put into best use as CBT alternative to quickly identify changed data blocks for faster backups.

  • Smart Retention Policy

    Smart retention policy

    By customizing your own backup retention plan by number of restore points or days, deletion of outdated backups will keep processing as long as your backup job is running, performing as another great helper to reduce backup storage for newly produced valuable data to use.

  • Flexible Node(s) Expansion

    Backup node expansion

    When your Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager environment is relatively large, this feature can be especially beneficial to help build a scale-out backup infrastructure. You can add extra Vinchin backup nodes on demand to meet larger business needs, and easily manage all nodes still through the unified console.

  • BitDetector


    This Vinchin unique technology helps to realize deep data extraction for more significant backup storage saving effect. While deduplication works to detect and delete duplicate data blocks especially the zeroed data blocks, BitDetector makes further efforts to exclude swap files, partition gap and unpartitioned space and remain only written valuable data in backup repository.

  • Instant Recovery

    Instant recovery

    As one of the most important Vinchin unique features, instant restore dedicates to improve SLAs by immediately running a VM with backups in the backup repository just like accessing its own local file system, so as to minimize RTO to 15 seconds after unexpected VM crashes.

  • Archive to Cloud

    Cloud archive

    Complying with the 3-2-1 backup rule, Vinchin Backup & Recovery helps you to archive backup copy of Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager VMs to cloud including Alibaba Cloud, AWS S3 and S3 compatible storages, not only for long-term retention use, but effective disaster recovery as a reliable data resource.

  • File-level Restore

    File level restore

    Granular restore feature helps users skip draining waiting when target files or specific folders are needed under emergency situation, allowing them to select the files they want through a single restore point, which fixes soft breakdown accurately and improves recovery efficiency at file level.

  • Offsite Backup Copy

    Offsite backup copy

    For higher data integrity purpose, users can choose to save another independent local backup copy in offsite backup environment, preparing for the worst when both local production and backup environment break down to restore target Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager VM back to local or offsite data center.

Supported Platforms

Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager 4.x

Authorized Oracle Partner

Oracle partnernetwork

Being one of the official OPN members is not only a strong testament for the high-level OLVM protection that Vinchin Backup & Recovery can provide, but the customer-focused and cloud-first partner program also drives us to know well how to meet users’ satisfaction by generating desired business outcome along with Oracle in the cloud computing era.

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Live Webinar – Simplify data protection with Vinchin and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

Vinchin + Oracle partnership helps to improve data availability and business continuity for every modern enterprise. With seamless and advanced OLVM protection that Vinchin delivers, business values can be better explored ever than before

In this joint webinar, you can get a quick overview of how Vinchin Backup & Recovery benefits business operation on Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager.

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Get insights about Vinchin × Oracle joint IT solutions from Simon Coter, the Oracle Linux and Virtualization Product Manager, and Luwen Zhang, the Product Manager at Vinchin.

We win trust from global brands

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New Portal / Spain

"The first reason we chose Vinchin is because it enables us to agentlessly back up both VMware and oVirt VMs with just one unified web console. which brings much convenience that Veeam could not compare with. It helps to better guarantee data security during our migration process from VMware to oVirt and effectively reduces our workload for installation and later data backup management. We can rest assured that our data is always under great protection and keep on our work to provide customers qualified services."

The People's Bank of China

"We choose Vinchin as our backup solution at the beginning was because it is the only backup solution that can support Halsign platform. We have no other choice. After a POC test, we found it can cover all our requirements on the data protection aspect. We can use it to back up our critical business and make disaster recovery in case the Halsign VM fails."

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Viconia IT AB cover
Viconia IT AB / Sweden

"Vinchin delivers us professional and standard enterprise scalability in the data protection aspect, it's a future proof solution with user-friendly features and functionalities. We are not only satisfied with Vinchin excellent backup solutions but also their outstanding support – we can get 24/7 support for incidents whenever needed, which improves efficiency while reducing difficulties in data protection operation and maintenance, to expand our business and take up industry challenges more easily, this is why we choose Vinchin again."

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