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News List Vinchin × 2020 INSEC WORLD | Trends of the Data Backup Technology in Hybrid Cloud

Vinchin × 2020 INSEC WORLD | Trends of the Data Backup Technology in Hybrid Cloud


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The 2020 INSEC WORLD·Chengdu is slated to be held in Chengdu on November 24-27, will focus on the theme of "New Infrastructure—Security Orientation" and discuss smart city security, 5G security, cloud and data security, Internet of Things security and industrial Internet related to the new infrastructure security. At the same time, the conference will also keep the hot topics of last year and discuss enterprise secure and intelligent operation and maintenance and CSO security management from the perspective of enterprises. Chengdu Vinchin Technology Co.,Ltd, as a professional data protection vendor, is invited to participate in this exhibition and brought its high security and self-controlled big data cloud computing disaster recovery solution.

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Dr. Hu, the CEO of Chengdu Vinchin Technology Co., Ltd, is invited to deliver a speech about "Trends of the Data Backup Technology in Hybrid Cloud" at the sub-forum of the Data Security and Cloud Security on November 26. With the continuous development and application of cloud computing, the combination of data backup technology and the Cloud becomes more and more close. New scenarios keep emerging, and cloud-based backup technology needs to be continuously developed. Dr. Hu will share the Archive Backups, Disaster Backup and Recovery, and other technology of Vinchin, that to improve the security, ease of use, and bring more utilization value to the users.

Spanning 4 days from November 24 to 27, The event attracted 33 sponsors and exhibitors from home and abroad, and more than 2,000 professionals. The conference includes a theme forum, six sub-forums, special training sessions, and exhibition displays and will discuss and display technologies, products and applications of information security in an all-around way. Vinchin is privileged to be the exhibitor and share the technology of data protection with more.

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