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Pormade chooses Vinchin again for longer-term robust VMware data protection

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Served as a long-established home-decoration retailer with technical support, the number of customers choosing Pormade has been rapidly increasing, thus an easy and flexible backup solution which can fulfil the continuous growth of data and business becomes an urgent need.


VMware vSphere


Vinchin brought a comprehensive backup solution for Pormade to achieve fast LAN-Free and storage-saving incremental backups while node(s) expansion helps to add scalability of backup infrastructure.

After evaluating several backup products, we eventually come to the conclusion that Vinchin is the one right choice that deserves long-term trust for powerful VMware data protection. The highly efficient backup and restore speed has done a huge favor for us that we can now not only provide our customers with high-quality products, but also with optimum online service. Vinchin proves to us the core benefits of high-quality BaaS.

Sérgionei Reichardt, Analyst at IT Department


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Business Challenge

Headquatered in the State of Parana, Brazil, Pormade has been working to maintain the highest quality of doors since 1939 and plays a remarkable role in the community of ecological preservation. With large areas of planted forests and a complete industrial park covers 86,000 m², Pormade sticks to promote and sell fine products manufactured with reforested wood certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), keeping nature in their favor while protecting natural environment for next generations. Besides door manufacturing, Pormade is also a versatile retailer of door accessories and room-decorated related products including baseboard, vinyl flooring, wallpapers and screen.

“As we support online shopping on our official website, multiple orders will come in everyday so that the information size of customers is getting bigger and bigger. Under such circumstances, our virtual environment is also correspondingly expanding, therefore, to have a backup tool that can keep up with the growth of our production data center is the top priority. And work efficiency is another factor what we mostly concern about. It’s better if the software can process backups simultaneously when our service system is running, and cause less effect on customers or potential customer browsing the product information.” Said Mr.Reichardt.

Vinchin Solution

After purchasing Vinchin Backup & Recovery for the first time, its high-speed backup performance with flexible extra features has successfully attracted Pormade to be a repeat customer. “By fully utilizing LAN-Free incremental backup strategy with CBT technology, the backup processing speed of Vinchin has reached a higher ground which helps us to save 10X times during business hours, without causing any trouble to our online customer service.” Said Mr.Sérgionei. “And there’re also many other features that we gain benefit from such as deduplication to help reduce storage space by deleting unnecessary data blocks in a more accurate way for later use to save more valuable data.” Said Mr.Reichardt.

By simply adding Vinchin backup node(s) in Pormade’s backup data center, their mostly considered issue about backup of a large VMware environment has been perfectly solved. “Unlike some other solutions we had previously tested which tend to make deployment and management of storage expansion complicated, the backup node expansion appliance really gives us peace of mind. Regarding each extra backup server as a single node that can be integrated with the primary server as a whole, their concept to effectively expand backup storage is simple yet useful, which not only adds much scalability to our backup environment to fit our needs of backing up massive VMware VM data, but also allows us to manage different depositories centrally with a unified interface.” Said Mr.Reichardt.


"We choose Vinchin again to get longer-term of overall VMware environment protection because the effect they’ve been contributing to driving our business from the views of virtual infrastructure consolidation is beyond our initial anticipation. Its finely designed backup features and strategies are the strongest testament for it to be called as a robust solution which you can fully trust for fast and reliable VM backups.” Said Mr.Reichardt.


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