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The relatively large virtualization environment with various service systems running on several servers makes it hard to deploy centralized data protection, while legacy agent backup reduces IT team’s work efficiency.




Vinchin brought a timesaving agentless backup solution to easily control through a web console, achieving centralized data protection management, while instant restore to guarantee business continuity.

By choosing Vinchin Backup & Recovery as one of our professional VM backup solutions, we have greatly improved our IT team work efficiency. Vinchin delivers us professional and standard data protection. It's a future proof solution with user-friendly features and functionalities. We can get 24/7 support for incidents whenever needed.

Nikolay Delibozov, Head of Hardware Support and Maintenance department

Executive Environment Agency

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Business Challenge

Executive Environment Agency (ExEA) is a governmental agency at the Ministry of Environment and Water. It carries out management, coordination and information functions regarding the control and environmental protection in Bulgaria. The Agency is a National Reference Centre within the European Environment Agency (EEA) and is a Member of EPA Network.

ExEA designs and manages the National System for Environmental Monitoring which serves for monitoring and information on the state of environmental components and factors throughout the country. The agency has also developed National Biodiversity Monitoring System, National Greenhouse Gas Emission Allowance Register, National Waste Information System, and Register of protected areas in Bulgaria. “With these and so many other systems and registers all hosted on several virtual environments, we need a robust backup solution for the backup and recovery of our virtual infrastructure.” Said Mr.Delibozov.

For a governmental agency like ExEA, the loss of various systems might be disastrous, which correspondingly implies the importance of data backup. However, simply a legacy solution is not enough. First, it usually requires users to install an agent inside each VM to proceed work schedule, which will hugely take up much CPU storage and severely affect the performance of business system. Most importantly, the deployment is usually so complicated that associated staff has to attend special training to understand the working principle. Considering more upscale technical issues waiting to be resolved, it’s not worthwhile for the IT team in ExEA to be much distracted by such unnecessity. Therefore, a more advanced backup solution is much needed.

Vinchin Solution

With the help of Vinchin, data protection can be simple yet still powerful. By providing ExEA the agentless backup solution, the whole virtualization environment can be well-protected immediately by creating an image of the entire operating system, with no more redundant complicated preparation. “Compared with legacy agent backup, the entire setup process of Vinchin Backup & Recovery is very simple,” said Mr.Delibozov, “and it also frees up so much CPU storage during data backup process, thus almost shows no effect on the performance of our business systems, which is rather satisfactory.”

The conception of simplicity not only shows in the setup process, but also in the later operation. By providing a web console that enables users to monitor and control all the backup and restore tasks centrally, the ExEA IT team can now finally work hard on their more important research worry-free with data security being fully guaranteed. “The web console designed by Vinchin is extremely intuitive, which allows us to back up our virtual servers with just a few clicks. Most incredibly, we are able to operate this software without any special training. It has greatly improved our work efficiency which will allow much more time to be spent on other IT projects.” Said Mr.Delibozov.

Vinchin is also capable of performing fast recovery with instant restore. When emergency occurs, the backup server will take over the business within seconds and restore essential data to the production environment to restart broken-down VM, ensuring business continuity in an effective way. “Thanks to Vinchin Backup & Recovery, we can now back up unlimited virtual machines and instantly restore any of them to successfully restart it within a few minutes. That saved us much time to do other jobs.” Said Mr.Delibozov.


The efficient and easy-to-use backup solution provided by Vinchin succeeds to centrally control over the data security level of the whole virtualization environment in ExEA with high performance and multiple functionalities. “Vinchin Backup & Recovery is ideal for our needs of a reliable and secure backup solution to protect our virtual machines worked on Citrix server, because it provides us with the most cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solution that other backup tools could not compare with.” Said Mr.Delibozov.


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