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How to install Vinchin on a physical server?

Last Modified: 2022-02-14 14:17:33 | Product: Vinchin Backup & Recovery | Version: V6.0 V6.5

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How to install Vinchin on a physical server?

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Server specification

CPU2*Intel Xeon E5 (2.5GHz, 4 cores, 8 threads or higher)
RAM32GB or more
Network2*10Gbps Base-T RJ45 ports or more
OS Disk2*100GB SSD
OS Disk RAID LevelRAID 1
Backup Disk1.5 times (or more) capacity of the production data size, if other storage media will be used as backup storage, then backup disk is not required.
Backup Disk RAID LevelRAID 5
Fibre Channel HBA (optional)8Gb Fibre Channel or faster

The physical server with above specifications is recommended for backing up virtual platforms which VM number under 200 or data size under 50TB. If you got larger sized virtual platform, it's recommended to deploy Vinchin backup node(s) to expand your backup infrastructure for better VM backup performances.

Installation image download

Register and download Vinchin Backup Server ISO image from here.

Prepare installation media

Burn the ISO image onto a DVD or USB flash drive by using UltraISO or some other tools that you are familiar with. Or you can directly use the ISO image to install from IPMI of the physical server if supported.

Initial Server Configurations

  • Configure the server boot mode to Legacy BIOS

  • Setup RAID for OS Disk (RAID level 1) and Backup Disk (RAID level 5), and initialize the configurations

Boot server from installation media and start installation

During the installation process, please complete the following settings in the INSTALLATION SUMMARY screen.

  • DATE & TIME: select the correct time zone and setup data and time accordingly.

  • INSTALLATION DESTINATION: please only select the OS disk to install, if there's backup disk, please leave it unselected, as it can be automatically detected from Vinchin Web console later on.

  • NETWORK & HOST NAME: if you have 2 NICs, one connected to the management network, another can be used to connect to the backup network, and please setup static IP for each of these 2 NICs.

Complete Installation

When finished INSTALLATION SUMMARY settings, the installation process will run automatically. During the installation process please do not power off or reset the server. And there's no need to setup root password (preconfigured by Vinchin software) and create new users.

Server Reboot

When OS installation completed, please first remove the installation media and then click on Reboot button to reboot the server. During the first time reboot, please do not power off or reset the server, otherwise the installation might fail, because Vinchin software will be installed during the first reboot.

CLI and web console login

After server reboot, you can enter the CentOS Linux CLI with the below default user credentials:

Username: root

Password: Backup@3R

And you can access Vinchin Backup Server web console, by using the IP you configured during the installation process. The default web administrator credentials are as follows:

Username: admin

Password: 123456

After first login, it's recommended to change the default user credentials for security precautions.

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