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What is SpeedKit and how does it work on Vinchin Backup & Recovery?

Last Modified: 2022-02-15 14:28:25 | Product: Vinchin Backup & Recovery | Version: V6.0 V6.5

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What is SpeedKit and how does it work on Vinchin Backup & Recovery?

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SpeedKit is a unique feature introduced by Vinchin for high-efficiency VM incremental backups. It is an alternative incremental backup technology to those hypervisors do not have CBT implementations yet. Currently SpeedKit can be used for incremental backups of XenServer (old versions without CBT support), Red Hat Virtualization (older than 4.4.7), oVirt (older than 4.4.7), Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM), OpenStack and Sangfor HCI.

When SpeedKit is applied to an incremental backup job, there will be a snapshot kept in the production storage for each of the VMs included in the backup job. This is for rapid calculation of the data changes of the VMs. If you have adequate production storage, SpeedKit is recommended to be used for incremental backups.

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