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  • LockBit ransomware hits Accenture, why backup matters?

    LockBit 2.0 ransomware hits Accenture, Vinchin as a solution provider for complete VM protection, offers a series of backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions including offsite backup copy, cloud archive and backup data encryption to help enterprises solve such cases in advance.


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  • REvil targets at JBS, how to defend next ransomware attack with powerful backups?

    It was reported that the world's largest meat supplier JBS was hacked and multiple factories have to stop cattle and sheep slaughtering. Reviewing from all these influential incidents recently, it’s obvious that ransomware has become the most powerful weapon of professional hacker teams who intend to gain huge profit by racketeering enterprise-level victims. Be prepared before the rain, also before the ransomware. Designed to provide flexible data protection of virtual environment for enterprise users, Vinchin Backup & Recovery is capable of performing effective data restoration through qualified anti-ransomware practices.


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  • Tips for modern SMBs to protect business-critical data that can’t be missed

    With the continuous advancement of informatization, enterprise information systems have gradually become a must-have for modern businesses. By showing disaster recovery solutions with full utilization of Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the importance of having a highly efficient and reliable backup and disaster recovery system for SMBs​ can be more powerfully shown through actual practices.


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  • DarkSide ransomware hit America, how can DR solution save business from chaos?

    DarkSide ransomware attacked the largest oil product pipeline operator in America, Colonial Pipeline to cause the fuel network of the eastern coastal states once paralyzed. Based on this, Vinchin Backup & Recovery gives several reliable DR solutions against ransomware to save business from chaos.


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  • Save data before fire, why DR solution a must-have for your business?

    Learned from various fire incidents in data centers around the world, to have an efficient diaster recovery solution is of great urgency. By fully utilizing backup copy feature of Vinchin Backup & Recovery, data security can be guaranteed. Even if local production and backup data are all lost, with offsite backup copies, users can either transfer them to local backup servers for local business recovery, or deploy instant restore on remote backup servers for offsite business recovery.


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  • Caution! VMware has been targeted by ransomware attack!

    Just a few days after the trace of VMware ransomware being exposed online, a customer from Thailand in logistics industry, as one of the victims, came to Vinchin backup support team for help. Vinchin Backup & Recovery as an all-in-one VM protection product suite, is able to provide frequent backup, smart retention policy and 3-2-1 backup rule for effective data restore after ransomware attacks at first shot.


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  • Reviews of Top 10 Ransomwares in 2020

    No matter for company or personal IT environment, ransomware still stands as a huge danger. It aims to attack the network of victims and encrypt critical or sensitive data in exchange for certain amount of ransom. Besides, they also sell these data through the Internet to earn extra profits. Based on the top 10 ransomware list in 2020 around the world, Vinchin Backup & Recovery helps to provide the best disaster recovery solution for virtualization users.


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  • Ransomware attacks Acer, will backup save $50 million worth of data?

    Recently, one of the giants in the computer industry, Acer, encountered ransomware attack launched by the notorious hacker organization REvil, and was required to pay the most expensive ransom money of history, 50 million dollars for retrieving back encrypted data.


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  • Ransomware attacked Thailand customer's data center, see how Vinchin protects their data safe and sound

    Since VMware ransomware has started to aim at users around the world, one Vinchin Backup & Recovery customer from Thailand in logistics industry is also in the target list, which later called for Vinchin’s support in order to get interrupted business back on track. In view of such cases, Vinchin provides the best anti-ransomware solution for users to implement.


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  • Caution! VMware, the next target of ransomware attacks

    On Mar.15, 2021, a VMware vSphere found out their virtual machines were attacked by ransomware virus, which indicates that ransomware has begun to target at VMware. With agentless backup, flexible backup strategy, backup copy and data archive features, Vinchin Backup & Recovery works to give the best guarantee on data security when ransomware comes.


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