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  • Backup Data Encryption | Vinchin V6.5

    In today’s data-driven world, data security has become a life-long issue for businesses to keep the stability of IT infrastructure. Prevent your critical data from accidental loss, that’s what backup is for, but this doesn’t mean that your backup data would be unbreakable if not be given enough attention, since it’s only a copy of your original data after all.


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  • Backup Storage Protection (Anti-Ransomware) | Vinchin V6.5

    As ransomware continually “updates” along with the development of modern data centers, having ordinary backups only is not enough for satisfying anti-ransomware results. It is reported that there’re ransomware victims that had tried to use backups for system recovery, but later failed because they found out even the backup data was also encrypted.


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  • Are data backup and archive the same thing?

    ​Many people may be in doubt about the concepts of backup and archive--Are they the same thing? Basic storage application includes data backup and data archive, and both of which are popular data protection methods. However, there are still some obvious differences between them although they both duplicate and store data.


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  • LockBit ransomware hits Accenture, why backup matters?

    Recently, global solution provider giant Accenture has been reported to be the victim of LockBit ransomware attack for $50 million ransoms, with 6 TB of data and 2500+ computers being hacked.


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  • REvil targets at JBS, how to defend next ransomware attack with powerful backups?

    It was reported that the world's largest meat supplier JBS was hacked and multiple factories have to stop cattle and sheep slaughtering. JBS, headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the world's largest meat supplier, claimed that its server was attacked by organized hacking, and the systems of its America and Australia branches have been influenced.


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  • Tips for modern SMBs to protect business-critical data that can’t be missed

    With the continuous advancement of informatization, enterprise information systems have gradually become a must-have for modern businesses. Enterprise informatization construction means to improve the production and operation efficiency, standardize business process, simplify management, and symmetrize information through computer technology deployment, thereby improving the overall management level and the ability of continue operations of the enterprise.


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  • DarkSide ransomware hit America, how can DR solution save business from chaos?

    According to reports, on May 9, local time, the White House announced that Washington, DC, where the 17 eastern states and capital of the United States are located, had entered a state of emergency in response to ransomware attacks.


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  • Save data before fire, why DR solution a must-have for your business?

    Recently, the data center of US hosting company WebNX, in Ogden, Utah caught a huge fire. After investigation, the fire was triggered by a generator failure in the data center building, which later spread to multiple servers and led to data center breakdown.


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  • Caution! VMware has been targeted by ransomware attack!

    On Mar.15, a VMware vSphere user posted a blog saying that besides massive Windows desktop PC and laptop files being encrypted in the company, a large number of their VMs were also maliciously shut down and unavailable to connect, which caused a serious breakdown of production environment. After error detection, they found out that their VMs were also attacked Just by ransomware virus, and they took a whole day only to restore about 80% of their business. The incident has aroused widespread concern in the industry.


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  • Reviews of Top 10 Ransomwares in 2020

    It’s estimated by cybersecurity researchers that the number of ransomware attacks doubles in 2020 compared to 2019, a result which have shown that epidemic not only influences the health of people, but also of the network. While the increasing blackmail capacity of ransomware keeps bringing threats to banking, government, insurance and manufacturing industries, the work-from-home trend also causes more people to set private network with low security level as their first work access, which has provided ransomware a bigger chance to deploy more attacks easily.


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