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Simplify your VMware protection with Vinchin Backup & Recovery



Protect your entire VMware vSphere environment in standalone ESXi or vCenter-managed host with Vinchin Backup & Recovery.

With various built-in user-friendly backup and restore functionalities, the software solution helps to set all-around protection plan to fully guarantee your mission-critical business data security.

Key features

Authorized VMware Partner

Consolidate your VMware infrastructure with Vinchin

Reach higher ground of VMware experience with high availability of Vinchin

Further strengthen VMware data protection

Complete vSphere integration

We win trust from global brands

iVeri / South Africa

"By consolidating our data centers, we're becoming more strategic and efficient in the way we use technology to support the business. Vinchin Backup & Recovery is facilitating the consolidation, also is protecting our environment. Backups are our best friend, as long as we have a reliable backup, we know data is protected, available and resilient. Vinchin is the icing on the cake for backup."


" With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, our backup processes are now running successfully, predictably, and smoothly. Even our data has increased to over 50TB and we have now 300+ virtual machines, we can achieve the high scalability on data protection with Vinchin Backup Server and extendable Nodes, to help us decentralize the workloads of overwhelming backup and recovery tasks. "

Enbi / Singapore

"Deploying a comprehensive data Disaster Recovery solution became an urgent for us. Under this premise, we made a long-term comparison of backup software from many of the best vendors in the world. In the end, Vinchin stands out due to its easy-to-use web console and great backup and recovery functions."

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