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Fast, Reliable and Robust Backup & Recovery Solution for Various Environments

Fully protect Your VMware vSphere, ESXi, vCenter and vSAN

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, robust VMware protection can be simply achieved, no matter it’s for a standalone ESXi host or vCenter-managed cluster environment or even vSAN.

Through the #1 easy-to-manage B/S architecture web console, a few minutes will be all it takes to get ready and start to back up your VMware VMs with most advanced backup and recovery strategies. Your critical workloads on VMware can be protected right away.

Vinchin is the officially certified VMware partner.

VMware Backup
VMware Backup
Citrix XenServer
Sangfor HCI
Red Hat Virtualization
Oracle OLVM

All-in-one Data Protection Not Just Backup

Vinchin offers backup and disaster recovery solutions with industry-leading technologies

Automation Protection

Automation Protection

Automatically protect all workloads running on your virtual platform with flexible and easy to setup backup schedule.

Super Fast Protection

Super Fast Protection

Optimized data transmission speed e.g. multi-threading, LAN-free etc., let your workload backup and recovery speed much faster than other backup solutions.

All-In-One Management

All-In-One Management

All the backup and recovery operations are completed with a powerful and user-friendly web console, easy to manage and monitor.

Higher Backup & Recovery Efficiency

Enjoy improved data protection performance from Vinchin

Fast, Reliable Backup For All Your Workloads

Agentless VM Backup, back up all files, applications and OS configurations in the VM by creating an image of the entire operating system. No need to install any agent on the VM, directly protect the VM through hypervisor.
Agent-base File Backup (Windows & Linux) , Database Backup (Oracle DB, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL), with a lightweight backup agent installed on the target operating system, files and databases inside the server can be backed up easily.
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Powerful Onsite & Offsite Disaster Recovery
We Guarantee Your Business Continuity

Anti-Ransomware Never Stops

As ransomware continually "updates" along with the development of modern data centers, having ordinary backups is not enough for satisfying anti-ransomware results.
Based on real-time IO monitoring, Vinchin Backup & Recovery performs to secure backup data saved in the backup storages by directly denying backup data modification requested from unauthorized applications. This can effectively prevent your critical backup data from unexpected losses.
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We Guarantee Your Business Continuity

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, you can instantly recover any size VM in 15 secs, and make sure all business recoverable in 1 min, extremely minimized the break-off time of critical business, highly guarenteed your business continuity.
Any deduplicated or compressed backup is recoverable.
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We Guarantee Your Business Continuity
Powerful Onsite & Offsite Disaster Recovery

Powerful Onsite & Offsite Disaster Recovery

Vinchin Backup & Recovery allows you to copy your backups to different locations, including any second onsite storage and offsite storage.
When any disaster occurs in your onsite production environment, you can directly use the backup copy in second location to recover the business workloads.
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Vinchin, Back Your IT Up

Learn how Vinchin protects your critical data in one video

Watch this video to learn why you should backup your data, what key functionalities Vinchin can bring you to get your data well protected and why you should choose Vinchin Backup & Recovery to protect your critical data in the private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud.
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Why Vinchin?

Top reasons for choosing Vinchin backup solutions

#1 Easy-To-Use Product

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is the world's most easy-to-use, flexible and reliable VM backup software, which supports most of the virtualization environments.

#1 Cost-Effective Solution

Vinchin provides the most competitive pricing yet ensures the excellent performance of the product, saving up to 50% budget comparing with other backup vendors in the market.

#1 Fast Support Response

Vinchin provides 7 x 24 x 365 online/offline technical support and pre-sale/after-sale services to guarantee customer satisfaction.

#1 High Compatibility

Vinchin supports over 10+ virtual platforms for the widest range of enterprise users to enjoy robust data protection.

Reviews From Enterprise Peers

High rated and genuine reviews


"Vinchin is the kind of software you would expect from a modern company. It does exactly what it is designed to do, fast and easy, without compromising the security and robustness of the product. Vinchin does exactly what is needed in terms of keeping your systems safe, without any complex setup and as fast as possible."

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"After several months using Vinchin Backup & Recovery I find it one of the best backup solutions for virtual environments, both for its simplicity and speed and for the possibility of working with multiple environments."

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G2 High Performer G2

"I evaluated Vinchin backup in my home lab. We were planning to use oVirt in the Enterprise and we were looking for a good backup solution, so we found Vinchin from Google search. It was very smart backup software, I can set up a backup schedule, very easy. And its retention is flexible. I can set up retention for each job and even each virtual server as per the GDPR request."

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