With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, your critical on-premises backups can be easily connected with cloud to achieve complete data protection. By archiving VM backups to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, the highly scalable and secure cloud object storage that works to improve data availability, you can have peace of mind knowing that all data is always recoverable.

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Highlight Features

How Vinchin Backup & Recovery brings ease to VM-level cloud archive


Archive Automation

Vinchin Backup & Recovery automates the process of archiving on-premises VM backups to Wasabi Cloud Storage, based on once-off, daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.


Full VM Recovery

Use cloud archive data to do a full VM restore with Vicnhin Backup & Recovery. You can quickly transfer all data to the target VM located in the production environment.


Instant Recovery

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, archive data stored in Wasabi can be used for instanly recovering a VM for business continuity, shortening RTOs to less than 15 seconds.


Smaller Archive Data

Original backup data can be reduced by multiple data reduction features in Vinchin Backup & Recovery, providing smaller archive data to Wasabi to save cloud storage.


Smart Retention Policy

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, data from a single cloud archive job can be flexibly reserved by the number of restore points you want, maximizing the cloud storage utilization rate.


Granular Recovery

You can easily find data at file level in a VM restore point when using Granular Restore, and combine this feature with Wasabi archive data to quickly fix file-level issues in a VM after any misoperation like mistaken data deletion.

Key Benefits

How Vinchin meets what you consider most in data protection

Improved Data Availability

Saving extra backup copies on cloud completes an effective 3-2-1 backup architecture, which prevents data loss cases in a data center caused by site damage or ransomware attacks. In order to make this goals close at hand, Vinchin Backup & Recovery helps VM users make easy connection with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. You can easily archive on-premises VM backups to Wasabi, and make sure your critical data is always accessible to be recovered anywhere, anytime you want.

Data Retention Policy Compliance

Archiving important yet infrequently-used data to cloud object storage can be one of the most convenient and easy-to-manage ways for IT admins to protect company information. You can easily achieve the long-term data retention goal by using Vinchin Backup & Recovery to transfer backups of this cold data to the cloud, with Wasabi selectable as a reliable destination. This helps to comply with many countries or regions' special data retention policy, which aims to reduce the risk of history data being lost or stolen.

Cloud Storage Optimization

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides various data reduction technologies to reduce the size of original backup data, which will be the data source of a cloud archive job, to help save both on-premises and cloud storage space. You can use Compression, Deduplication, and BitDetector during the initial backup process to effectively minimize the size of data without affecting its integrity. In addition, later when configuring an archive job, you can also enable the user-defined smart retention policy, if you want to preserve a certain number of restore points per job to further save cloud storage.

Enhanced Data Security

With Vinchin Encrypted Backups technique and secure transmission technique in Vinchin Backup & Recovery, not only your critical backups will be well-encrypted at first hand, the whole archive data transfer process from on-premises backup storage to Wasabi is also fully secured, giving no chance for ransomware or other malware to access any of your critical data. In addition, each time an archive restore job is required, Vinchin Backup & Recovery will first verify the user's identity with preset passwords, making sure archive data is available only for the right person.

High Recovery Flexibility

You can make the best use of archive data on Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage with flexible recovery strategies provided by Vinchin Backup & Recovery. Once your cloud archive data is restored to on-premises backup repository, it can be used freely in 3 recovery scenarios: To quickly recover all data in a VM with Full VM Restore; To fix a partial soft breakdown or roll a VM back to the status before mistaken deletion with file-level Granular Restore; Or to minimize business downtime by helping the backup server take over applications in a crashed VM in a minute with Instant Restore.

Simplified Management

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides a centralized web-based console to make the goal of “protect a large IT environment through a single pane of glass” come true. Full control permission will be given to you once you log in the self-service portal. You can create an automated cloud archive job for exsiting backups of a standalone VM or virtual infrastructure, or restore archive data in Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage to the on-premises backup storage for local VM recoveries; You can also directly delete or mark archived restore points in the cloud. All you have to do is some simple clicks in the console that only takes you a few minutes of time.


Frequently asked questions when archiving backups to cloud

Can I restore VMs directly with the backup archive data?

No. You need to create an archive restore job to restore the archive data to onsite storage first, then use the restored data to restore VMs.

What are the differences between backup copy and backup archive?

Backup copy feature will make an exactly the same copy of your backups (VM, file and database backups) to another storage or to another location for disaster recovery, while backup archive only sends a latest full restore point (1 full restore point per job session) to the cloud object storage.

What's the best retention time for my archived backups?

Backup archive feature is designed for long-term retention purpose of your backup data, you should take cloud object storage capacity and the archive data growth into consideration to decide the best retention time. If there're any laws or regulations to comply with, please follow the instructions of the laws or regulations to setup the retention time of archived backups.

What's the best time schedule of a Backup Archive job?

As each backup archive job session will generate a full backup in the cloud object storage, it's recommended to only run the backup archive job once a week or once a month, a job schedule that is not so frequent.

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