We Protect All Critical Workloads with One Solution

Fast, Reliable and Robust Backup & Recovery Solution for Multi-Environments

Fully protect Your VMware vSphere, ESXi, vCenter and vSAN

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, robust VMware protection can be simply achieved, no matter it’s for a standalone ESXi host or vCenter-managed cluster environment or even vSAN.

Through the #1 easy-to-manage B/S architecture web console, a few minutes will be all it takes to get ready and start to back up your VMware VMs with most advanced backup and recovery strategies. Your critical workloads on VMware can be protected right away.

Vinchin is the officially certified VMware partner.

VMware Backup

We Safeguard Your Data Lifecycle All-around

Vinchin delivers backup and disaster recovery solutions with industry-leading technologies

Quick and Easy Depolyment

  • Get started in minutes
  • Streamlined operation
  • No learning curve

Fast and Robust Backup

  • Reliable backup with a full set of features
  • Multi-layered data protection
  • Ransomware-free

Flexible and Secure Recovery

  • Full, file-level and instant VM recovery
  • V2V/P2P cross-platform recovery
  • Reliable data verification

Efficient Disaster Recovery

  • Strictly adhere to 3-2-1 backup rules
  • Offsite recovery in minutes
  • Cost-effective cloud DR

Real Time Monitoring

  • Real time job log
  • Prompt notifications and reports
  • Large screen real-time data visualization

We Provide Comprehensive Data Protection Solutions More Than Backup

Enjoy improved data protection performance from Vinchin

All-in-one data protection for all your workloads

Agentless VM, AWS EC2 and NAS Backup. Back up all files, applications and OS configurations inside VMs or EC2 by creating an image of the entire operating system. No need to install any agent on the VM/EC2/NAS, directly protect the entire environment.
Agent-based Server Backup (Windows & Linux) , File Server Backup(Windows & Linux), Database Backup (Oracle DB, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB), Application Backup(Exchange Server), with an all-in-one lightweight backup agent installed on the target host all physical servers can be easily backed up.
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We guarantee your business continuity

When critical business workload goes down you don't need to worry. With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, you can instantly recover any size VM in 15 secs, and ensure that all business operations can be recovered and taken over in 1 min, extremely minimized the break-off time of critical business, highly guarenteed your business continuity.
Any deduplicated or compressed backup is recoverable. Any incremental or differential backup point is applicable.
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Powerful offsite & cloud disaster recovery

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides flexible and highly efficient disaster recovery solutions.
On one hand, Vinchin allows you to copy your backups to various locations, including any second onsite storage and offsite storage. When any disaster occurs in your onsite production environment, you can directly perform instant recovery on second location to continue business operations. On the other hand, Vinchin supports backup data to cloud, copy and archive backups to cost-effective cloud storages, enabling for swift environment reconstruction following a disaster.
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Flexible V2V and P2P cross-platform migration

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides bidirectional agentless VM cross-platform migration among all Vinchin supported 15+ virtualizations and AWS cloud platform. Users have flexible options for choosing target migration platform and migration methods. Vinchin offers two typical V2V migration scenarios, both batch and automated full VMs V2V migration and instant VM V2V migration solutions are supported.
Besides, Vinchin supports using bare-metal restore for workloads migration between physical server, compatible for both Windows and Linux OS.
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Anti-Ransomware protection never stops

As ransomware continually "updates" along with the development of modern data centers, having ordinary backups is not enough for satisfying anti-ransomware results.
Using real-time IO monitoring, Vinchin Backup & Recovery ensures the security of backup data stored in backup storage by directly blocking unauthorized applications from modifying backup data. This effectively prevents unexpected loss of critical backup data.
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Vinchin, Back Your IT Up

Learn how Vinchin protects your critical data in one video

  • Easy to Deploy and Use
  • Multi-Environment Protection
  • A Complete Set of Features
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Why Vinchin?

Top reasons for choosing Vinchin backup solutions

#1 Easy-To-Use Product

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is the most easy-to-use, flexible and reliable data backup software on the market, which supports most of the virtualization and physical environments.

#1 Cost-Effective Solution

Vinchin provides the most competitive pricing yet ensures the excellent performance of the product, saving up to 50% budget comparing with other backup vendors in the market.

#1 Fast Support Response

Vinchin provides 7 x 24 x 365 online/offline technical support and pre-sale/after-sale services to guarantee customer satisfaction.

#1 High Compatibility

Vinchin supports over 15+ virtual platforms and multiple physical environments for the widest range of enterprise users to enjoy robust data protection.

Reviews From Enterprise Peers

High rated and genuine reviews

capterra-category-leaders-for-backup-software capterra

"I am using Vinchin Backup & Recovery to migrate VM from VMware and others virtualization platform to Proxmox VE and works perfect."

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"Vinchin Backup is probably the most complete backup software that I have ever used or encountered. From pricing to features, it is the most complete software out there in the market for anyone's backup solution."

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g2-high-performer g2

"It covery everything you want to do backup. It was very easy to implementing by few click for the installation. It using linux thus you can almost forget the extra window license like other backup software. Additional under linux platform, you may also ignore the window update where may cause the server reboot and missing the backup. Most importance is it have ransomware protection to protect the backup data under the hood so you can almost forget the additional ransomware antivirus for backup server. It also very easy to integrate for majority of the Hypervisor platform like VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, Cirtix, Sangfor, openstack and etc. The customer support also very supportive and helpful."

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