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Simplify your Sangfor HCI protection with Vinchin Backup & Recovery



As Sangfor HCI integrates virtual computing, storage and network into one unified resource pool for enterprise users to realize simpler business data center deployment, Vinchin Backup & Recovery continues to extend such simplicity as a reliable third-party data security assistant to further strengthen your Sangfor HCI environment, with high compatibility and the world’s most innovative VM backup and recovery features.

What you get for Sangfor HCI with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

VM Protection at First Shot

Through a single web console designed for central management, you can boot automated backup or recovery task for any target VM in your Sangfor HCI environment in few simple clicks of time. No need to have any complicated training, Vinchin Backup & Recovery enables you to master effective data protection deployment with minimum time cost and IT operation workload.

1 Solution, Utmost Benefit

Performing as an all-in-one highly integrated backup system, you can enjoy unlimited benefits from various efficiency-driven innovative backup and recovery features like SpeedKit(CBT alternative), instant restore, granular restore etc. to protect the entire Sangfor HCI virtual infrastructure in a more advanced way.

Separated Backup Network

Still worrying about the lack of network resources for backups? Vinchin provides access for you to configure a separated backup network to further improve LAN-based backup performance. When multiple backup tasks processing, 0 impact on the production network will be made, so that both backup efficiency and smooth business operation in your Sangfor HCI environment can be fully guaranteed during working hours.

Key features

  • Efficient Instant Recovery

    Deeply knowing the importance of business continuity in every modern enterprise, Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers instant restore feature to get your mission-critical VMs up in the backup system in 15 seconds after severe service breakdown directly through latest restore point, delivering highly efficient business recovery to reach the goal of tighter RTOs.

  • Deduplication & Compression

    As two highlight features presented to Sangfor HCI users, better storage-saving results within your backup system can be made under their help. The Vinchin unique deduplication technology can work more detailed to detect duplicate data blocks especially the zeroed data blocks and store unique data blocks only, and compression further reduces the size of backup data by at least 50% by compressing deduplicated data blocks.

  • BitDetector (In-depth data extraction)

    Designed for deep data extraction, this Vinchin unique feature mainly focuses on the detection and exclusion of swap files, partition gaps and unpartitioned spaces to remain only written valuable data in backup repository during Sangfor HCI backup process, producing more significant backup storage saving outcomes.

  • Backup Node Expansion

    For a relatively large Sangfor HCI environment, you can expand your backup environment on demand to suit business growth by adding new backup nodes. Your data can be backed up distributedly to multiple backup servers at the same time, and easy nodes management can be realized still through the single web console without extra interface needed.

  • Multithreading Transmission

    When processing a single backup or recovery task, Vinchin Backup & Recovery supports to create multiple threads for data transmission. This is another strategy designed for those who have high requirement of backup or recovery speed of VMs in the Sangfor HCI environment.

  • Accurate File-level Recovery

    When fixing partial soft breakdown, you can skip long-time waiting for unnecessary full VM recovery with granular restore feature that Vinchin Backup & Recovery delivers. You can simply choose the target files or specific folders saved in any restore point and restore them to your Windows or Linux VMs immediately.

  • Forever Incremental Backup

    Forever incremental backup works as a more time and storage saving backup strategy with once-off full backup at the start. If there’s sufficient local storage in your Sangfor HCI environment, you can also turn on SpeedKit to further improve backup speed, as the Vinchin unique feature designed to alter CBT can work to quickly identify and only backup changed data blocks based on snapshot technology.

  • Offsite Copy & Cloud Archive DR

    Holding multiple copies of your VM backups in hands, you will never be panic if the primary Sangfor HCI backup becomes unavailable. Besides regular local backup copy and archive, you can also choose to copy your VM backup to offsite backup environment as a reliable source for disaster recovery, and archive to cloud platforms including Alibaba Cloud and AWS S3 for long-term retention use. By fully utilizing offsite backup copy and cloud archive features, your key business data can be secured at the highest level.

Supported Platforms

For Sangfor HCI
Sangfor HCI 5.x ~ 6.x

Authorized Sangfor Partner

Official certification from Sangfor is a strong testament to the high compatability of Vinchin Backup & Recovery, ensuring your primary VM data in the Sangfor HCI environment is always under most guaranteed protection with our help.

Elevate Your Business Protection with Vinchin and Sangfor

We win trust from global brands

ThaiHealth / Thailand

"Since we upgraded our backup mode to Vinchin Backup & Recovery, only a few operation steps can make massive data under protection easily! It is absolutely a intelligent, convenient and high efficient backup solution! It's not easy to protect multiple TB sized vms at the same time, but Vinchin did it. We enjoy Vinchin pretty much. "

Questor Sistemas / Brazil

"The result of deploying Vinchin Backup & Recovery went out rather satisfying, not just because the high backup and recovery performance of the software itself which perfectly meets our data protection needs, but also the customer-focused service that Vinchin really shows when we met technical issue, which was later quickly solved under their most in-time remote support. All these factors combined have deeply built our trust with Vinchin."

SystemHost / Russia

"We set customer satisfaction as top priority, and high availability of Vinchin Backup & Recovery contributes to pave the way for our lasting stable VPS services. We keep choosing Vinchin to protect our large-scale VMs not only because the easy-to-use backup tool they provide us, but also the professional support I can get at any time. "

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