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Vinchin lifts Sangfor HCI backup efficiency significantly with smaller data size for Italian footwear care veteran

Quick Overview
Deisa Ebano SpA






Deisa Ebano SpA is an Italian footwear care manufacturer that runs multiple brands entailing different systems, which generate so much data that overwhelms the old solution. Backup speed slows down work processing which makes backup even harder. The whole system cannot afford to go down either.


Sangfor HCI


Through the LAN-Free and multi-threaded transmission of Vinchin Backup & Recovery, Deisa Ebano SpA sees a significant improvement in its backup speed. Add SpeedKit to incremental backup, the backup is getting faster. Meanwhile, the software also reduces data size by deduplicating and compressing them. The solution prepares offsite backup copy and instant recovery for the producer regarding disaster recovery.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery is superior and easier to use than the last solution we had. Backup has never been so easy and fast, and their support is responsive as well as thoughtful. Meanwhile the instant recovery bears favorable technical comparison with its backup. Vinchin has a thorough understanding of Sangfor HCI and can support our business' demands with accurate expertise to handle our problems.

IT Infrastructure

Deisa Ebano SpA


Business Challenge

Established in 1926 in Bologna Italy, Deisa Ebano SpA is an industry leader in the chemical production of household insecticides, air fresheners, and shoe cleaning. The producer has 3 brands of products in different fields and sells them in 30 counties worldwide. The company produces footwear cleaners under the Ebano and Calzanetto brands while making and distributing a cosmetic line for the home, and domestic insecticides under the ZigZag brand.

Running various affairs depends on technologies and systems. The company needs technical support for the distribution network, production line, a photovoltaic system that saves energy, and all the other machines or systems.

Deisa Ebano SpA virtualized these data on Sangfor HCI based on 2 servers with 10 virtual machines running databases, application servers, and systems. Later, they found a backup solution for Sangfor HCI. Everything was normal until the solution was overwhelmed by the mounting data. “Backup is painful for it takes a long time. Even though it does back data up, its size is staggeringly large,” said the IT Infrastructure at Deisa Ebano SpA.

Crucial systems like production lines cannot be down or there would be a crippling scenario. Therefore, the new solution not only backs up data with speed but also can handle recovery scenarios. “This is indispensable. As a matter of fact, the ability to do this job determines a lot about whether we would go for it,” The IT Infrastructure explained.

Vinchin Solution

Vinchin Backup & Recovery transfers the data of Deisa Ebano SpA through multi-threaded transmission and LAN-Free mode that costs no bandwidth. The former allows multiple threads to work together for a faster speed. What's more, the IT team activates SpeedKit (CBT alternative) in incremental backup to focus on changed data blocks. In the meantime, data deduplication and data compression are meant for smaller data sizes. “I’m impressed with how quick the solution gets backup done. It’s like we set it and the next time we check; it finishes the job. Their techniques work great,” said The IT Infrastructure.

“The support is quick in response to solve any problems,” continued The IT Infrastructure, “They are always here when we need them or quickly answer us with emails. On top of that, everything runs exactly how it is supposed to once the VM is set properly.”

Key systems cannot be shut down. Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers additional offsite backup copies saved in another place for disaster recovery. With the solution, the company can build a remote DR (disaster recovery) center if the local backups are unavailable. To keep business going, the instant recovery of the software gets a crashed Sangfor HCI VM back in 15s for seamless business continuity. 

“The solution is a credible and effective backup partner. We purchase it for its stable performance and its incredible features. We take data security seriously so we forbid the backup system to connect to external websites. But we know that’s not enough. With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, these recovery options bring us peace of mind,” said The IT Infrastructure.


Deisa Ebano SpA experiences a considerable increase in backup speed because of Vinchin Backup & Recovery's LAN-Free and multi-threaded transmission. Backup times decrease when SpeedKit is included in the incremental backup. By eliminating duplicate data and compressing it, the software also minimizes data size. In terms of disaster recovery, the solution gets ready an offsite backup copy and instant recovery for the manufacturer.



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