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How to install backup plugin for Sangfor HCI?

Last Modified: 2021-08-12 10:04:10 | Product: Vinchin Backup & Recovery | Version: V6.0 V6.5

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How to install backup plugin for Sangfor HCI?

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To install backup plugin for Sangfor HCI, follow the steps below:

  1. Download backup plugin from Vinchin Backup & Recovery login screen, please select the version according to your Sangfor HCI version. After downloading, you should get a .tar.gz package.

  2. The backup plugin for Sangfor HCI should be installed on each of the cluster node including the master node. So, please upload the .tar.gz package to each of the hosts in the cluster. You can use WinSCP or PSCP, or any other tools which you are familiar with.

  3. After uploading, enter the command line interface of each node, enter the directory where the .tar.gz package is uploaded to, and run the below commands to install.

    tar -zvxf vinchin-kvm-backup-patch-

    cd vinchin-kvm-backup-patch-


    To uninstall the backup plugin, please run the below command.



Please DO NOT uninstall the backup plugin while your Vinchin backup server still has running/pending jobs, otherwise the VM backup/restore jobs will fail.

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