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Vinchin Backup & Recovery for OpenStack

Sangfor HCI VM backup support

OpenStack is an open source cloud computing management platform project that combines several major components to control large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter. OpenStack supports access to a variety of mainstream hypervisors e.g. KVM, LXC, QEMU, hyper-V, VMware and XenServer.

Sangfor HCI VM backup support

Ceph is a distributed storage system platform designed to provide object, block, and file storage from a single distributed computer cluster. It is a highly configurable system that allows administrators to monitor and control its storage clusters via a command-line interface. Ceph also includes authentication and authorization capabilities that are compatible with multiple storage gateway interfaces, such as OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3.

Backup for OpenStack Mitaka + Ceph

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, you can backup / restore VMs

under OpenStack platform to/from Ceph cluster storage.


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