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News List Vinchin Backup & Recovery v4.0 has been officially certified by Red Hat

Vinchin Backup & Recovery v4.0 has been officially certified by Red Hat

2021-09-15 | Vinchin Official

Good news! After a long time efforts of product development and tests, Vinchin company not only has become a technical partner of Red Hat, but also has lead the team passed the Red Hat Compatibility Test with its extraordinary software - Vinchin Backup & Recovery v4.0. 

Now you are able to find Vinchin and its product from Red Hat official website

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Vinchin Backup & Recovery supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux7.x and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x as well as the RHV platform virtual machine backup and recovery.

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source IT solutions, with annual income more than 2 billion dollars. By achieving the certification from Red Hat, not only shows the Red Hat trusts Vinchin, but also has proved that Vinchin Backup & Recovery is a trustable and reliable virtual machine backup solution for Red Hat solution users.

Why did Red Hat certified Vinchin Backup & Recovery v4.0?

Vinchin Backup & Recovery v4.0 is an easy-to-use, reliable and affordable data protection solution which supports multiple types of virtual environments. Key features are:

  1. Agentless Backup directly protects VMs on hypervisor-level instead of installing agent on OS.

  2. Supports VMware, XenServer, RedHat Virtualization and other XenServer, KVM based hypervisors.

  3. Supports LAN-Free Data Transfer, lower the business system load.

  4. Data Deduplication and compression technology save storage space and costs.

  5. Instant VM Recovery in 15 seconds, minimized the break-off time of critical businesses.

  6. multiple backup nodes effectively reduce the pressure of the backup server.

  7. 10 minutes to get used to the software and complete a backup/recovery job quickly.

This is just a new beginning of Vinchin’s cooperation with Red Hat, we will continue further and deeperly developing more/ better products/ functions to meet more users’ demands all over the world. We are ready for it!

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