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News List Christmas Scare: DragonForce Attack Forces Ohio Lottery to Shut Down Systems

Christmas Scare: DragonForce Attack Forces Ohio Lottery to Shut Down Systems

2024-01-03 | Vinchin Official

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On the eve of Christmas, the recent emergence of the DragonForce ransomware gang has brought a "scare" to the Ohio Lottery: the group conducted a ransom attack, stealing encrypted data and forcing the Ohio Lottery to shut down some critical business systems.

It is reported that the stolen data in this incident includes over 3 million entries containing names, surnames, emails, addresses, winning amounts, as well as employees' and players' SSN + DOB records.

Faced with the continuous and evolving threat of ransomware in recent years, the alarm for data security has once again been sounded. As the fundamental protective barrier for enterprise data, how can backup solutions be effectively utilized to counter ransom attacks? Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides the answer.

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Vinchin's unique anti-tampering backup data feature can effectively counter ransomware attacks. By injecting the Vinchin Encrypted core process at the kernel level, our system continuously monitors the I/O status, intercepting any unauthorized processes attempting malicious alterations or deletions to stored data, to ensure the security of the backup data. When ransomware or malware tries to modify the backup data, it will be denied access directly, adding security to user data.

Adopting a proper backup strategy is crucial for businesses across various sectors to effectively counter attacks from ransomware groups like DragonForce. This approach helps to fortify the security of core business systems and provide a safeguard for the smooth operation of enterprise systems.

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