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Vinchin provides Xi’an Traffic Engineering Institute with an efficient and reliable intelligent data protection solution.

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Xi’an Traffic Engineering Institute






Xi'an Traffic Engineering Institute needs an intelligent data protection solution to replace the previous manually operated solution to quickly back up large amounts of data and ensure the integrity and correctness of the backed up files.




Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides Xi’an Traffic Engineering Institute with an efficient and reliable intelligent data protection solution for efficient backup needs. This solution utilizes multi-threaded transmission to significantly reduce backup time. To ensure the integrity and correctness of the institute's back-end backup files, it also utilizes data anti-tampering features. And the instant recovery function greatly reduces critical business interruption time.


The deployment of Vinchin's disaster recovery backup system has effectively solved our institute's disaster recovery security problems. Whether it's the data archiving function or the instant recovery function, Vinchin's system is highly practical. We appreciate the support in implementing our digital campus work, adding a strong guarantee for the construction of our digital campus.                                                                                                   


Mr. Li

IT Manager


Business Challenge

Xi'an Traffic Engineering Institute is a full-time general undergraduate institution of higher education, founded in 1994. Standing as the sole undergraduate college in Shanxi Province that specializes in rail transportation. After years of construction and development, the institute has formed a distinctive application-oriented institution mainly specializing in rail transportation disciplines.

In order to improve work efficiency, Xi'an Traffic Engineering Institute chooses to use a virtualized environment to replace physical servers. Data such as school systems, staff and student information are stored in VMs on the VMware virtualization platform. However, the previous VM backup solution was not smart enough, all operations had to be done manually, and the backup process took up a lot of bandwidth, leading to network jams. Therefore, the institute's IT team has been looking for a new backup solution to replace the old one.

Vinchin Solution

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides an intelligent data protection solution for institute' needs. For efficient backups, Vinchin employs LAN-free backups, which are capable of backing up large amounts of data quickly while significantly reducing backup time. The IT team was able to integrate VMware VMs into the software in a few simple steps, while an intuitive web console simplifies the management process. Mr. Li commented excitedly, “This solution has greatly simplified our backup efforts, saving us a lot of time and effort.”

To further improve backup and recovery efficiency, Vinchin provides multi-threaded transfer function. When backing up or recovering a single disk of a single virtual machine in a university, multi-threaded concurrent transfer and read/write is used for high-bandwidth scenarios. This greatly reduces task execution time and ensures efficient task completion. In addition, Vinchin provides data tampering prevention. It blocks illegal data access and modification by non-whitelisted programs and human beings at the system level, effectively protecting the integrity and correctness of all backup files in the institute backend.

For data loss scenarios, Vinchin supports instant recovery of VMs. This means that users can restore VMs from the backup system in just seconds and resume business operations in minutes, thus greatly reducing the duration of critical business interruptions. Mr. Li said, “Vinchin's solution not only improves our work efficiency, but also provides solid security for our data. It's a big leap forward for our institute's IT management.”


Vinchin Backup & Recovery is an efficient and reliable intelligent data protection solution. It employs multi-threaded transmission to significantly shorten backup time. In addition, Vinchin also provides data tamper-proof functionality to ensure the integrity and accuracy of backup files in institute backends. Its instant recovery feature enables the restoration of VMs in seconds and business operations in minutes, minimizing the downtime of critical services. Mr. Li exclaimed, "I am very satisfied with Vinchin's efficiency and reliability."


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