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Vinchin Provides Robust Data Protection and Enhances IT Productivity for Xcellerate in Their oVirt Environment

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Xcellerate is grappling with the challenge of finding a robust backup solution that can effectively secure sensitive client data, seamlessly integrate with their oVirt platform, and swiftly adapt to rapid changes in their IT environment, ensuring consistent data protection and operational agility.




Vinchin offers a comprehensive solution with agentless VM backup and recovery, agent-based SQL database backup ensuring data consistency, and automated processes for Xcellerate’s oVirt platform. This minimizes downtime, maintains data integrity, and enhances IT productivity.


Vinchin has been our primary backup and DR software used to protect our data center infrastructure based on oVirt. It has been a true “install & forget” experience, easy to set up and once configured it just works, day in day out. Very price effective compared to other solutions with no trade-offs in terms of quality and reliability. We will continue to use the product and also advise it to our customers. 

Frederic Allaert




Business Challenge

Xcellerate is a team of IT experts with a strong focus on IT productivity, agility & automation of business processes, using smart tools and collaborative platforms such as Microsoft Office 365. Their mission is to help companies in Flanders with this. Their definition of a successful project is if they succeed in helping your employees do their daily jobs in a smarter way. They do this by focusing on innovative IT solutions and integrating them into your business network as best as possible.

However, they face unique challenges in their IT environment and business operations that necessitate the need for a new backup solution.

Firstly, Xcellerate's SQL is running on the oVirt platform, an open-source virtualization platform. While this provides them with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of an open-source system, it also introduces a level of complexity when it comes to data protection. The lack of specialized backup solutions designed for the oVirt platform can make it difficult to ensure comprehensive data protection.

Secondly, Xcellerate handles a large amount of sensitive client data, ranging from business process information to employee details. Protecting this data is of utmost importance to maintain their clients' trust and comply with data protection regulations.

Thirdly, as a company that focuses on IT agility, Xcellerate needs a backup solution that can quickly adapt to changes in their IT environment. They need a flexible solution to accommodate rapid changes, such as technology updates or scaling operations.

Vinchin Solution

Xcellerate seeks for a solution that can handle the complexities of the oVirt platform, protect sensitive client data, adapt quickly to changes, and align with their mission of automation.

Vinchin offers a comprehensive and robust solution to Xcellerate’s unique challenges. Vinchin Backup & Recovery is capable of performing a full backup of the VMs where Xcellerate's SQL is running. This comprehensive backup ensures that all components of the VM are protected, which is crucial when running on a complex platform like oVirt. In the event of a disaster or data loss, Vinchin's solution can recover the full VM, ensuring minimal downtime and quick restoration of business operations.

In addition to full VM backup, Vinchin provides an agent-based database backup solution. This feature allows Xcellerate to back up and restore their SQL database while guaranteeing data consistency. This is particularly important for Xcellerate as they handle sensitive client data. The agent-based backup solution ensures that the data is accurately captured and restored, maintaining the integrity of the data and complying with data protection regulations.

Aligning with Xcellerate’s mission of automation, Vinchin’s solution offers automated backup capabilities. This feature eliminates the need for manual intervention in the backup process, reducing the risk of human error and freeing up the IT team to focus on strategic tasks. The automated process also means that backups can be scheduled to run at optimal times, reducing the impact on system performance and ensuring that the most recent data is always protected.


Vinchin’s data protection solution offers a comprehensive approach to address Xcellerate’s challenges, which ensures Xcellerate’s data integrity, security, and efficiency. This solution not only safeguards Xcellerate’s sensitive client data but also aligns with their mission of automation and productivity enhancement. The founder of Xcellerate said: “Vinchin is more than a tool, it’s a strategic partner that enables us to operate smarter and more efficiently, making it an invaluable asset for our operations.”



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