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Vinchin Provides TTG with a Robust, Cost-Effective Solution for Data Protection and Business Continuity in Their VMware Environment

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The Translation Gate






TTG utilizes a VMware virtualized environment managed by vSphere, but faces challenges due to rapid data growth, increasing virtual machine complexity, and compliance requirements. They are seeking a new backup solution to improve management and protection in their virtualized setup.




Vinchin provided TTG with a cost-effective, scalable backup and recovery solution for its VMware environment. It integrates with vSphere, simplifies operations, reduces costs, and supports business growth while enhancing data protection and business continuity.


I’m very happy to use Vinchin Backup & Recovery because it’s easy and has a lot of advanced features. I do a lot of jobs and backup my VMs and vSphere daily, Vinchin helps to simplify the management of our vitualization environment. And the Vinchin team is also friendly and clever to solve my issues in least time.

Ghada A.

Network Administrator

The Translation Gate

The Translation Gate

Business Challenge

The Translation Gate (TTG) is a leading translation and localization agency founded in 2009. They serve clients in various industries across the USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Their vision is to become the most innovative and cost-effective localization managed service provider globally. TTG aims to contribute to their clients’ success by providing high-quality localization services and fostering better communication across languages and cultures. They offer localization and internationalization services in over 260 languages and 1,500 combinations, adhering to industry standards for quality management and translation services.

TTG runs its servers, applications, and data in a VMware virtualized environment to enable flexible resource allocation and meet evolving business needs. To manage their complex IT environment, TTG uses vSphere for monitoring and managing virtual machine statuses and overall data center operations. Automation features streamline everyday management tasks, improving operational efficiency.

Despite the benefits, TTG faces challenges in their virtualization setup. Rapid data growth strains storage and backup strategies, while the increasing number and complexity of virtual machines make management and protection more difficult. Additionally, maintaining business continuity and meeting compliance requirements are critical considerations. So, they are seeking a new backup solution to enhance management and protection in their virtualized environment.

Vinchin Solution

Before choosing Vinchin, the IT team tested several backup and recovery tools. Vinchin won on price, functionality and easy to implement. Vinchin Backup & Recovery is an optimal solution for The Translation Gate’s challenges in their VMware virtualized environment. It offers fast, reliable backup and recovery using advanced technologies like automatic VMware backup, agentless backup and instant recovery. The solution is highly scalable, accommodating TTG’s data growth and increasing virtual machine complexity. Additionally, it provides robust disaster recovery features. With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, TTG can fully utilize one backup in multiple VMware data recovery scenarios. No matter it’s the partial soft breakdown, business interruption, severe system damage by unavoidable disaster or ransomware attack, there’s always one solution that suits TTG’s need most.

Vinchin also streamlines operations with centralized management, automated backup scheduling, and alerting. It integrates with VMware vSphere for seamless management of the virtualized environment. Vinchin’s cost-effective solution reduces storage costs via data deduplication and compression and minimizes operational costs through automation and efficient resource utilization. This solution ensures enhanced data protection and management, business continuity, and supports TTG’s business growth.


The implementation of Vinchin’s solution has brought about transformative results for The Translation Gate. The robust backup and recovery system has significantly reduced TTG’s downtime, ensuring that their services remain available to clients across different time zones. The efficient data management has also enabled TTG to handle their rapid data growth seamlessly, effectively supporting their expanding business operations.


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