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Vinchin helps Brazil management software provider migrate oVirt to VMware breezily with cross-platform recovery

Quick Overview
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As an internet services provider, T S Montenegro Servicos de Ti LTDA offers a broad range of products, which needs a compatible and reasonably priced VM data solution that is quick, simple to use, and versatile in terms of backup, maintenance, and recovery.


oVirt, VMware


Vinchin Backup & Recovery brings various backup strategies and technologies for T S Montenegro Servicos de Ti LTDA to do a fast and resultful backup without trouble. Meanwhile, its backups are secured in the Vinchin server, and should any disaster happens, full recovery and instant recovery are available for different scenarios.


Nothing is more professional than Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers. Backups are a fundamental part of data security, and the software has done a good job. Recovery has never been so easy with many options in targeted ways. The solution also provides flexibility to use different platforms and smooth V2V migration so that we don’t have to go through all this trouble.

Thiago Sampaio Montenegro, Managing Partner

T S Montenegro Servicos de Ti LTDA 


Business Challenge

Hardhearted in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, T S Montenegro Servicos de Ti LTDA delivers all kinds of IT services ranging from data import, system implantation, system support, and updates for the self-developed Management System for Internet Providers (SGP) users. Dedicated to being one of the best management companies, the services provider makes every effort to meet customer expectations with ever-evincing and innovative management solutions.

The company has been continuously refining the Management System for Internet Providers since its born in 2009, which is com[posed of diverse system modules such as finance, stock, administration, report, tax, etc. which generates reams of valuable data for system improvement. Therefore, the system provider virtualized these data on oVirt to save and protect.

And of course, a data solution to back up has been forthcoming. It goes well until they decide to migrate data from oVirt to VMware. Thiago Sampaio Montenegro, the Managing Partner at T S Montenegro Servicos de Ti LTDA explained, “VMware has greater IT efficiencies, improved performance, and less management workload compared to oVirt, and considering the data amount we have now, it’s preferred to use VMware. ”

However, the next question that immediately arises, is the incompatibility with oVirt and VMware. “Ideally, we would keep the data on oVirt for a while, and step by step, we migrate them to VMware so we can use the platform ever since. But the current solution doesn’t support the new virtualization well. So, we have to seek another one,” said Thiago.

Vinchin Solution

Certified by VMware Ready, Vinchin Backup & Recovery supports both VMware and oVirt and allows the software firm to monitor their backups in one web-based unified graphical user interface. Thiago refers to the solution as “high-quality software”, “Which strikes a balance during the transition period and solves the management problem.”

The company firstly backs up oVirt to Vinchin Backup & Recovery through CBT (Changed Block Tracking)-enabled incremental backup based on full backup via SAN transmission and data reduction for faster backup with fewer data sizes. Then, the newly formed data will be directly backed up to VMware by HotAdd mode and forever CBT-assisted incremental backup under preset backup schedules. As Thiago said, “Two virtualizations work together to save a lot of trouble and we don’t have to take care of it. It’s set and forget.” 

All backups saved in the Vinchin server will be protected by a real-time I/O that detects and denies any unauthorized access from suspicious threat actors to fight against ransomware or malware attacks. “Cyberattacks are the major threat for a company in the IT industry, whether we admit it or not, they are everywhere. The only thing we can do is establish a data protection plan and be prepared. This feature will help us fortify our defenses,” said Thiago.

How about the data held by oVirt? Vinchin Backup & Recovery reacts with standalone V2V migration between oVirt and VMware by restoring the backups of the source virtualization to the target platform without any tool. “We do this data migration with full recovery of the software. The feature doubles as a recovery and migration tool. Honestly, it surprises us because we thought the V2V should be our worry. With the solution, all is simple and easy,” said Thiago.

And speaking of recovery, which plays a significant role in data retrieval and business continuity. Vinchin Backup & Recovery has instant recovery that directly makes backups accessible for quick data recovery in 15s for shorter RTO and minimum damage in case of data loss and reputation hit.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers T S Montenegro Servicos de Ti LTDA  various backup strategies and tactics so it can easily perform a VM backup and save the backups in the VInchin server for data security. And in the event of accidents, instant recovery will be a lifeline for businesses, while full recovery can also be used as a V2V migration tool, which is a lot less hassle for the company.



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