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Vinchin Provides Professional VM Disaster Recovery Solution for North Sichuan Medical College

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North Sichuan Medical College






North Sichuan Medical College is in urgent need of a professional virtual machine disaster recovery solution to ensure the security and reliability of data, while also improving the efficiency of disaster recovery.


VMware, H3C


Vinchin Backup & Recovery has provided North Sichuan Medical College with a professional virtual machine disaster recovery solution, meeting the requirements for data security and reliability. Utilizing LAN-Free backup technology, it conserves network bandwidth, supports data deduplication and compression, enhancing backup efficiency, while also offering instant recovery functionality to ensure business continuity.


Vinchin's disaster recovery backup products and solutions have provided our college with tailored, efficient, secure, and flexible disaster recovery protection, effectively safeguarding the data in our virtual machines and ensuring the security and stability of our systems. This has greatly aided us in advancing the construction of a smart campus.                                                                                                                                              


Mr. Li

IT Director


Business Challenge

North Sichuan Medical College, located in Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, is a provincial medical institution of higher learning. It primarily focuses on medical education while also promoting the coordinated development of multiple disciplines such as medicine, science, humanities, management, and engineering. The college adheres to the motto of "Dedication, Compassion, Truth-seeking, and Innovation," actively promoting the spirit of "Hard work and perseverance, and self-improvement." Guided by the principle of "Putting people first and quality as our life," the college is committed to cultivating versatile talents and continuously improving the quality of education.

As digital campus construction advances, North Sichuan Medical College stores important data such as campus systems and files on multiple virtual machines. To ensure smooth operation of the campus systems, universities need to select appropriate data protection solutions for disaster recovery. However, traditional disaster recovery methods have many shortcomings, such as large backup files, excessive storage resource usage, and slow recovery efficiency, which cannot fully meet the data protection needs of North Sichuan Medical College. Therefore, the college needs to seek a targeted professional virtual machine disaster recovery solution to ensure data security and reliability while improving disaster recovery efficiency.

Vinchin Solution

To meet North Sichuan Medical College's needs for campus system data protection, the Vinchin's  Disaster Recovery Backup System provides reliable data backup and recovery functions. The main task in this project is to back up the college's campus systems to ensure data security and recoverability. Vinchin introduces LAN-Free backup/recovery mode. By utilizing SAN networks for data transmission, it avoids occupying LAN bandwidth, ensuring faster backup and recovery speeds without affecting the efficiency of the campus systems. Additionally, the system boasts scalability and availability to meet the college's growing data protection requirements.

Furthermore, the system offers easy integration. The college's IT team can seamlessly integrate VMware VMs and H3C VMs into the software with just a few simple steps, and effortlessly manage and monitor backup statuses through the visual backup management interface. Mr. Li enthusiastically commented, "This backup solution has thoroughly addressed our data security concerns. It's easy to operate and manage. We now have greater confidence in the security and reliability of our college systems!"

With Vinchin, the college can recover VMs and their data to the corresponding time point in seconds, and restore the operation of the campus systems within minutes. Even in the event of an unexpected interruption in the college's systems, the platform systems can be quickly brought back up in a short period of time, ensuring the continuity of the systems and the normal operation of teaching, research, and other activities. Mr. Li commented, "Through Vinchin, the college has not only enhanced the security and reliability of data protection but also strengthened its ability to respond to various challenges. It enables college to confidently face future challenges."


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides reliable data backup and recovery functions, utilizing LAN-Free backup, capable of data deduplication and compression, and offering instant recovery functionality, effectively meeting the needs of the college. Mr. Li commented, "This backup solution has really helped us out!"


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