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Customer Stories Nanning Rail Transit Co., Ltd.

Vinchin implemented a scalable and fast backup solution for Nanning Rail Transit's rapid disaster recovery needs

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Nanning Rail Transit Co., Ltd.






Nanning Rail Transit requires a high-performance backup solution for its numerous VMs, Oracle database protection without disrupting operations, rapid VM restoration, disaster recovery, and scalable future-proofing.




Vinchin provided an agentless backup solution with instant recovery for VMs, a resource-efficient backup solution for Oracle databases, which ensure fast RTO/RPO and future data growth accommodation for Nanning Rail Transit.


We sincerely thank Vinchin for customizing a comprehensive and efficient disaster recovery solution for us, which effectively ensures the data security and stable business operations of Nanning Rail Transit Co., Ltd. This solution not only meets our needs but also enhances our ability to defend against various potential risks. We are grateful for the hard work and excellent service provided by the Vinchin technical team. We look forward to maintaining a close cooperation with Vinchin in the future and exploring an even better tomorrow together!

IT Manager

Nanning Rail Transit Co., Ltd

Nanning Rail Transit

Business Challenge

Nanning Rail Transit Co., Ltd. was established in December 2008 and is primarily responsible for the investment, construction, operational management, and integrated resource development and management of rail transit projects. Currently, there are a total of 5 operational lines in Nanning Rail Transit, spanning a total length of 128 kilometers, with 104 stations. The total daily ridership reaches up to 770,800 passengers, making it one of the core guarantees for the convenient travel of the people in Nanning.

Nanning Rail Transit Co., Ltd, serving as an important guarantee for the convenient travel of nearly 9 million residents of the city, owns complex business information systems that play an extremely important role. Any malfunction could have very serious consequences. After a period of communication and research, Vinchin has identified the following needs for Nanning Rail Transit.

Firstly, it currently uses a private cloud as the business hosting platform, which involves many virtual machines and a large amount of data, posing higher performance requirements for backup. Secondly, some core businesses use Oracle databases, which need data protection, and backups must not affect the normal operation of the business. Thirdly, in the event of a failure, it should be possible to quickly restore business virtual machines, and if necessary, disaster recovery should meet higher requirements for business continuity. Lastly, considering the growth of business data in the future, the backup product should support easy scalability to meet the needs of different stages.

Vinchin Solution

Based on the needs of Nanning Rail Transit Co., Ltd, Vinchin conducted thorough research and analysis of the company's business environment. Combining the group's core business requirements and disaster recovery objectives, Vinchin developed a disaster recovery construction plan tailored to their specific needs.

Firstly, deploying Vinchin Backup & Recovery for disaster recovery construction, which was quickly deployed to provide full protection for business data. For business VMs deployed on the cloud platform, an agentless backup solution was adopted to simplify the operational maintenance process while meeting business protection requirements. In the event of a failure, instant recovery feature can be used to achieve minute-level business launch, greatly reducing RTO and RPO.

Additionally, for the core Oracle database business systems, a streaming backup solution is used, which does not require the use of additional resources from the production host. Vinchin Backup & Recovery supports both horizontal and vertical expansion, enabling rapid scalability to accommodate the continuous growth of business data, leaving more room for subsequent information technology construction.


Vinchin solution addresses the critical needs of Nanning Rail Transit Co., Ltd., ensuring that their business operations can continue smoothly even in the face of potential system failures or disasters, thereby protecting the travel convenience for the nearly 9 million residents of Nanning that rely on the rail transit system.