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Vinchin delivers efficient XenServer VM protection for Municipality of Pietrasanta to better develop e-government systems

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Municipality of Pietrasanta






A professional XenServer backup solution is hard to find, and the needs of the Municipality of Pietrasanta for highly efficient backup and recovery that helps secure data and maintain service continuity are urgent to be met.




Vinchin provides the municipality of Pietrasanta with agentless backup and instant recovery features to help minimize RTOs and manual workload of overall XenServer environment protection.

We appreciate Vinchin for the most efficient and streamlined XenServer VM backup and recovery solution it delivers. It helps us better implement e-government services for all citizens in Pietrasanta, making critical data linked with every individual always under guaranteed protection, as well as ensuring our primary service systems highly available in the most needed hours.

IT Manager

Municipality of Pietrasanta

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Business Challenge

Pietrasanta is a town and comune on the coast of northern Tuscany in Italy, in the province of Lucca. Pietrasanta is part of Versilia, on the last foothills of the Apuan Alps, about 32 kilometers north of Pisa. By January, 2021, the population of Pietrasanta has reached 22,900.

Modern IT infrastructure has played a decisive role to businesses, as well as to the governmental institution for delivering more efficient services. “We take responsibility to improve the life quality for all citizens in the town by simplifying online service flow for them. and the saving of all data and information that’re linked with all kinds of regular public services rely on the e-government systems.” Said IT manager at the Municipality of Pietrasanta.

“In 2019, we migrated most parts of the data to XenServer, so that a proper backup solution that’s reliable enough to protect our core systems is in much urgent need, and we can’t afford to put the information security of our citizens into risk. For us, to ensure the service system continuously serving people and the absolute safety of data are our most primary tasks.”

After rounds of vendor comparison, the IT team of the Municipality of Pietrasanta still failed to find the optimal solution. “A professional XenServer backup solution is hard to find, and few of those we’ve evaluated previously meet our needs for highly efficient backup and recovery that helps secure data and maintain service continuity. Among those who succeeded, either the lack of simple configuration or unreasonable maintenance cost had made us lose faith in them.”

Vinchin Solution

Holding the thought of seeking for the better, the IT team of the Municipality of Pietrasanta tested Vinchin to see the final result, and it turned out to be beyond their anticipation. “We feel lucky that we didn’t give up seeking for more solutions, or we couldn’t have met Vinchin. After experiencing 60 days of full-featured Vinchin Backup & Recovery, we found it perfectly suits our most needed protection functionalities with user-friendly characteristic.”

“The agentless XenServer backup Vinchin provides is much beneficial. We just simply follow the instruction and the software deployment can be done in a very short time, requiring no agent installation. Incremental backups of massive XenServer VMs can be processed with the least computing resource consumption in the production system, and we can monitor each backup task for different VM through a single web console, managementand maintenance workload have been minimized.”

As business continuity is critical for the government of Pietrasanta, instant recovery feature designed by Vinchin helps to keep the promise for their high-quality service delivery, bringing any primary system back in time. “With highly available VM backups in hand, we can simply implement instant recovery under emergency hours. One time one of our VMs carrying payment service faced an unexpected breakdown, we immediately configured an instant recovery task for quick data recovery, and it really worked to reboot the VM in seconds. We appreciate this powerful feature for guaranteeing the best online service experience for all citizens in Pietrasanta.”


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides the municipality of Pietrasanta with simple, reliable and efficient VM backup and recovery features to help minimize RTOs and manual workload of data protection. “Under the help of Vinchin Backup & Recovery, especially by fully utilizing agentless backup and instant recovery features it delivers, we can finally have peace of mind knowing our critical data is always highly recoverable. The effective XenServer VM protection strategies have greatly encouraged us to provide more intelligent and convenient online services for citizens to enjoy.”