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Vinchin empowers Elreef Elmasry to secure and streamline agricultural and land development data in a VMware environment

Quick Overview
Elreef Elmasry






Elreef Elmasry, operating in agriculture and land development, requires a robust IT system for managing vast data volumes. Regular backups are essential to prevent data loss, and swift data recovery is crucial to maintain business continuity amidst unpredictable agricultural variables.




Vinchin provided Elreef Elmasry with a comprehensive backup solution that integrated seamlessly with their VMware environment, efficiently managed large data volumes, offered robust security measures, enabled instant VM recovery and provided centralized backup management.


Vinchin’s solution effortlessly handles large data volumes, which used to be a headache. It is so secure that covers all my needs and requirements. With Vinchin, we feel like our data is under constant guard. The level of security is unmatched. Vinchin has truly exceeded our expectations. It’s not just a tool, but an indispensable partner in our operations.

Mohamed Elgohary

Senior System Administrator

Elreef Elmasry

Elreef Elmasry

Business Challenge

Elreef Elmasry is a company concerned with the reclamation and development of one and a half million acres as the first phase of a four million-acre project. It is a 100% Egyptian joint-stock company, with three government shareholders. It was established under Law No. 8 as an Egyptian joint-stock company. The company’s headquarters are located in Nasr City, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt. Its aim is to create new sustainable communities based on agriculture in new lands, agricultural manufacturing, services, and logistics in Egypt. The company operates on a scientific, technical, and economic approach, with a general plan for the entire project as an international model for sustainable development and environmental protection within the vision of Egypt 2030.

Elreef Elmasry’s enterprise encompasses multiple sectors, including agriculture and agricultural manufacturing, in addition to an extensive involvement in large-scale land development and management. They must process an expansive volume of data, including land usage and agricultural production statistics. Therefore, they necessitate a robust, resilient, and secure IT system to underpin their operations.

The comprehensive land development, management, and agricultural activities will invariably generate substantial volumes of data, necessitating regularly scheduled backups as insurance against potential data loss.

Additionally, given that agricultural production is exposed to multiple uncontrollable variables, such as weather fluctuations and pest invasions, the company needs to compile and analyze these data sets to effectively assess risk and devise appropriate countermeasures. This underscores the need for a reliable backup system that can swiftly restore lost or damaged data, thereby ensuring continuous business operations.

Vinchin Solution

When Elreef Elmasry found Vinchin Backup & Recovery, it was like they had found an oasis in the desert. Vinchin’s solution was designed to thrive in the harsh conditions of a virtualized environment, just like Elreef Elmasry.

“It was like Vinchin was built for us,” said the Senior System Administrator at Elreef Elmasry. Vinchin’s full virtual environment backup and recovery integrated seamlessly with VMware. Vinchin Backup & Recovery could handle numerous data, efficiently managing the backup and recovery of agricultural data, GIS data, and logistics data. “It was like having a supercomputer at our fingertips,” the Senior System Administrator explained. “We could backup and recover data at lightning speed, without breaking a sweat.”

Additionally, Vinchin Backup & Recovery allows for immediate recovery of virtual machines, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity. Also, it offers a centralized web console for managing all backup tasks, providing a bird’s-eye view of the company’s data protection status.

But it wasn’t just about efficiency. Vinchin’s robust data encryption and access control measures offered a level of security that was second to none. “Our data is in safe hands with Vinchin,” the company’s Senior System Administrator confirmed, “The robust security measures provided by Vinchin have been a boon. We’ve seen a significant reduction in the risk of data breaches,” He added. “It’s like Vinchin has built a wall around our data.”


With Vinchin’s solution, Elreef Elmasry was able to achieve comprehensive data protection for their IT environment. The company now enjoys real-time backup and rapid recovery capabilities, ensuring business continuity even in the face of data loss or damage. The robust security measures provided by Vinchin have significantly reduced the risk of data breaches, contributing to the company’s overall data governance and compliance. Furthermore, the ability to handle large volumes of data has empowered Elreef Elmasry to make data-driven decisions in their agriculture and logistics operations, improving efficiency and productivity.


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