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Vinchin Enables Atlancis Technologies to Achieve Intelligent V2V Total Data Migration

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Faced with an expanding market for its services and a continuous increase in the volume of data, Atlancis urgently needed an intelligent V2V total data protection solution to ensure the secure transmission and effective backup of data for their customers.


VMware, Hyper-V, OLVM


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides Atlancis with a V2V total data protection solution for cross-platform migration needs. It also supports off-site disaster recovery to ensure data security, availability and business continuity.


Vinchin's solution not only successfully solved Atlancis' pain points for V2V migration, but also excelled in offsite disaster recovery and instant recovery. With its flexibility and reliability, Atlancis has no doubts about business continuity. It can be said that Vinchin is a perfect fit for Atlancis' needs, providing us with a smoother and more efficient data protection experience.

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Business Challenge

Atlancis Technologies, based in Nairobi, Kenya, is an ISO 9001 certified company and a distinguished member of the Open Computing Project (OCP). One of the top 100 mid-sized companies, Atlancis is the first Open Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in Africa and the second largest in the world. Working closely with global OEMs, the company is committed to bringing cost-effective and environmentally friendly hyperscale technologies to African service providers and enterprises.

Atlancis’s customers are running their business systems on different virtualization platforms like VMware, Hyper-V, and OLVM. As the market for its services continues to expand and the volume of data continues to grow, many customers need to migrate VM to another hypervisor. Owing to the heterogeneity of different hypervisors, traditional migration solutions requires a lot of research to all the hypervisors and their management tools, so to handle all the VM migration becomes a tough project. To effectively address this challenge, Atlancis urgently needed an intelligent V2V total data migration solution for all the hypervisors. The desire was to improve the efficiency of data migration while also meeting the increasingly complex data management needs in a virtualized environment.

Vinchin Solution

To meet Atlancis' customers' migration needs, Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides full support for V2V migration on 10 major platforms. This not only helps to protect VM data, but also simplifies the maintenance of virtual environments, enabling Atlancis to utilize all server hardware resources to their full potential. IT teams can easily integrate Hyper-V VMs into the software by performing a few simple steps. In addition, the user-friendly web console facilitates VM migration, making the process much smoother. Mr. Elias excitedly commented, "This is a huge enhancement to our operations! The V2V migration provided by Vinchin simply solved the pain point of our platform migration needs. Now we don't have to worry about it anymore, it's so convenient!"

Vinchin also provides a duplicate method to achieve off-site data disaster recovery. Even in the event of a loss of production data and local backup data, users are still able to recover data from off-site backups to ensure business continuity. In addition, Vinchin supports instant recovery of virtual machines. This means that users can recover VMs from backup systems in seconds and resume business operations in minutes, significantly reducing the duration of critical business interruptions," said Mr. Elias, "Vinchin's offsite data disaster recovery and instant recovery features are amazing! Their flexibility and reliability truly impressed me. Atlancis' business continuity is in no doubt, and being so easy to operate has made it easier for our IT team to get on with the job!"


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides Atlancis with an intelligent V2V total data protection solution. It includes V2V migration, off-site data disaster recovery and instant recovery. This comprehensive and powerful solution makes data management more efficient and reliable. Mr. Elias exclaimed, "Vinchin is really a perfect fit for our needs, and their solution for data protection has made our work much more manageable and provided us with a smoother experience!"



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