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Vinchin provides Air China with a comprehensive backup solution for Sangfor virtual desktop protection

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Air China urgently needs a comprehensive backup solution for the Sangfor virtual desktop project at Chengdu Tianfu International Airport to alleviate the substantial data pressure and mitigate potential risks posed by security threats to its operations.


Sangfor HCI


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provided a comprehensive data backup solution for Air China's Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Sangfor virtual desktop project. It mainly includes highly reliable data backup and recovery functions, as well as file backup functions. In addition, Vinchin used advanced user grouping features to meet Air China's user categorization and management needs in the project to improve overall management efficiency. Particularly noteworthy is that Vinchin's disaster recovery plan significantly reduces the risk of business-critical interruptions caused by disasters or system failures, providing the airline with reliable business continuity assurance.


Vinchin's backup solution is really reliable and perfectly meets our needs in the Tianfu Airport Sangfor virtual desktop project. They provide super-efficient data backup and recovery features, and by introducing batch deployment and user grouping, management efficiency has simply been taken to a new level. I'm truly grateful to Vinchin for providing us with such strong and efficient support in dealing with our various challenges!


Air China


Business Challenge

Founded in 1988, Air China is a member of Star Alliance, the world's largest airline alliance. As the official air transportation partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Air China has been a leader in the aviation industry, and has been ranked among the "Top 500 Global Brands" for 16 consecutive years. It has been recognized as one of China's Top 10 World Class Brands.

Air China's business system runs on a virtualized platform based on Sangfor HCI, covering a wide range of services such as passenger entry and exit, transit services, baggage transportation and etc. It covers Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou and other routes. The smooth operation of these services not only provides travelers with convenient services, but also accumulates a large amount of key business data. In the supporting project of Sangfor HCI desktop cloud in Tianfu Airport, the main task is to back up the files of massive Sangfor HCI desktops. This data is exposed to a variety of potential threats in the Internet environment, including cyber-attacks, system failures and natural disasters. Given these potential risks, Air China urgently needs a comprehensive backup solution to ensure the security of business information and business continuity. Such a backup solution would not only protect Air China's critical data in aviation services, but also help guard against potential security threats and ensure the reliability and stability of the business.

Vinchin Solution

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides highly reliable data backup and recovery to meet Air China's needs in the Tianfu Airport Sangfor desktop cloud supporting project. In this project, the main task was to perform file backup for the virtual desktops, ensuring file security and recoverability through file protection. In addition, Vinchin introduced an advanced user grouping function, which fully considered Air China's user categorization and management needs in the project. This feature helps to organize and manage user rights more efficiently, further improving overall project management efficiency.

To meet Air China's needs, Vinchin realized batch processing of a large number of clients by pre-installing the client on a VM template, which significantly improved efficiency and processing capacity. IT teams can integrate Sangfor VMs into the backup system in a few simple steps. And the visual backup management interface enables the airline's IT team to easily manage and monitor backup status. Mr. Wei is confident in the backup solution, commenting, "This backup solution provides us with a powerful and efficient means of managing and protecting data, allowing us to meet challenges with greater confidence."

Vinchin provides a disaster recovery plan to ensure effective recovery for airlines facing potential threats like disasters. Vinchin's backup solution supports the restoration of data from any backup point in seconds, enabling airlines to quickly resume business system operations in minutes. Mr. Wei commented, "Vinchin's comprehensive backup solution is very satisfactory, and its strong performance significantly reduces potential disaster risks, providing a reliable business continuity guarantee for the airline."


Vinchin Backup & Recovery has successfully provided efficient data backup and recovery functions in the Sangfor virtual desktop project at Air China's Tianfu Airport. This solution covers file backups for Sangfor virtual desktops, and by introducing user grouping and batch processing, it has enhanced file management efficiency and overall system management. Additionally, Vinchin's disaster recovery plan has significantly reduced potential disaster risks, providing the airline with reliable business continuity assurance. Mr. Wei commented, "This backup solution is truly a solid guardian for the data security of the airline."


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