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How to Migrate Hyper-V VMs to VMware ESXi?

2022-10-05 | Iris Lee

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  • Covert Hyper-V to VMware using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone
  • Easily nigrate Hyper-V to VMware with Vinchin Backup & Recovery
  • Conclusion
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Microsoft Hyper-V is a type-1 bare-metal native hypervisor that runs on the computer hardware and beneath the host and guest VMs. The Hyper-V infrastructure has two types pf VMs, one is the parent VM, the host OS in which Hyper-V is installed; the other is the child VMs. Management is minimum because the parent VM allocates resources for the children by VMBus behind the scenes. The micro-kernelized hypervisor architecture allows the independent operation of services and device drivers from the hardware layer and thus the less overhead makes Hyper-V fast and scalable.

VMware vSphere is a virtualization platform composed of a suite virtualization product, the type-1 bare-metal ESXi hypervisor, datacenter controller tool vCenter Server, live migration tool vMotion and other features to make it work well. Its high availability allows the other available servers to restart failed VMs, while the fault tolerance creates chosen copies for continuous availability. These two features guarantee the shorter RPO and business continuity when the production system fails.

VMware is backed by Windows, Linux, Unix and macOS, while the latter has Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. Also, while the parent-child hypervisors of Hyper-V diminish physical servers and cost, its crashed parent OS injures all the child VMs. VMware, on the contrary, separates its VMs to ensure the uninterrupted operation while share the hardware. So, VMware seems more ideal for corporations runs on large-scale IT environment because its stability and security. This article is meant to give some guidance for users plan to convert Hyper-V to VMware.

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone is needed in this migration, it is VMware’s official P2V/V2V migration tool that automates the process of converting physical machines and VMs from other virtual platforms to VMware VM. So, installing this tool in advance as a part of preparation can save you a lot of time in the later process.

Covert Hyper-V to VMware using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone

1. In stall VMware vCenter Converter Standalone and click Convert Machine to open the wizard.

2. Select Powered off as the source type on Source System page and choose Hyper-V Server from the dropping list. Specify Hyper-V server’s IP address/hostname, user name and password for administration.

3. Select the Source Machine you want to convert.

4. Select VMware Infrastructure virtual machine as the destination type and input the vCenter Server or ESXi IP address/hostname and valid credentials like server, user name and password. Or if you want to convert to VMware Workstation, Fusion or Player, just click the other option.

5. Assign a name and storage to the destination virtual machine.

6. Customize the conversion task on Option page.

7. Review and press Finish to start the conversion.

8. View the conversion status in the vCenter converter.

9. Start the converted VM(s).

Easily nigrate Hyper-V to VMware with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Traditional VM conversion with agent for migration can be complex and might lead to compatibility problems. It's recommended to use a professional solution designed for virtual environments instead.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is not only a backup solution for virtual machine, but also an advanced VM migration solution, supporting VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, Proxmox, XenServer, XCP-ng, oVirt, OLVM, RHV, OpenStack, etc. By adding both virtualized platforms into the backup system, you can perform easy agentless VM migration with a user-friendly web console.

There is the built-in conversion engine in the backup system, you just need to select the VM you need to move it to another virtualized platform.

For instance, if you would like to migrate VM from Hyper-V to VMware:

1. Just select the backup of the target Hyper-V VM

Select Hyper-V VM

2. Select an ESXi host as target host

Select the ESXi host

3. Simply set up restore strategies or directly skip this step

Select Strategies

4. Just submit the job and then the Hyper-V VM will be quickly restored on the ESXi host

Submit the job

Vinchin Backup & Recovery has been selected by thousands of companies and you can also start a 60-day full-featured free trial here. Also, contact us, leave your requirements, and then you will receive your tailored solution. We have established partnerships with reputable companies all over the world so if you would like to do a local business, you can select a local partner here.


V2V migration is common nowadays amid the complicated hybrid virtualization platforms, especially for Hyper-V users who find VMware a better fit for them, however, accidents may happen in the migration process incurring data loss or even VM damage, which are exactly the things we should be cautious and back up first to prevent previous to the V2V. 

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is a better migration for Hyper-V to VMware migration so don't miss the free trial.

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