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Simplify your VMware protection with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Easy, smart, cost-effective.


Protect your entire VMware vSphere environment in standalone ESXi or vCenter-managed host with Vinchin Backup & Recovery.

With various built-in user-friendly backup and restore functionalities, the software solution helps to set all-around protection plan to fully guarantee your mission-critical business data security.

What you get for VMware with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Improved SLAs

Improved SLAs

Minimize RTO to 15 seconds to ensure best business continuity by implementing Vinchin with VMware,complying with rapidly rasing tight business requirements.

Seamless data protection

Seamless data protection

Safeguard the entire VMware environment with high backup and recovery performance, optimizing virtualization experience by cooperating finely with ESXi and vCenter.

User friendly web console

User-friendly IT operation

Simplicity is the golden rule of Vinchin. Deploy flexible VMware backup and restore features easily, and monitor all jobs in real time through a centralized web console.

Key features

Fast, flexible backup

  • Multiple Smart Backups

    Multiple smart backups

    Customize backup strategy on demand

    Deploy full, incremental, differential or even forever incremental backup on demand, speed up 4X backup time with mixed, consistent, image-based backup schedule for guaranteed VMware protection needs.

  • Agentless Backup

    Agentless backup

    Redefine the way of backup

    By backing up VMware data directly from hypervisor layer, your deployment & maintenance cost can be minimized with 0 OS resources consumption.

  • LAN-Free Transmission

    Lan free backup

    0 LAN Resources Consumption

    Vinchin is able to transfer data directly through SAN, increasing backup efficiency without affecting bandwidth speed, and high performance of both backup and production system can be achieved at once.

  • Changed Block Tracking

    CBT for vm backup

    Speed up backup process

    Based on ROW, CBT(changed block tracking) technology detects changed data block and helps to increase backup and recovery efficiency of VMware VMs to a higher level, and automatically deletes related snapshots after the process is done to free up data capacity.

Accurate, effective recovery

  • Instant Recovery

    Instant recovery

    Minimize RTO to 15 seconds

    When emergency occurs, deploy instant restore in a few clicks, backup server will transfer essential data back to target VMware VM in the production system immediately for fast restart, minimizing service downtime in 15 seconds.

  • Granular Recovery

    Granular recovery

    Instant search, restore on point

    Search and recover target files or folders instead of the entire VM, fixing partial soft breakdown on point, significantly improve recovery efficiency for retrieving back important data.

  • Offsite DR Center

    Offsite backup copy

    Double-check data security

    By deploying offsite backup copy to build your own DR center in another location, you can choose to restore VMware VMs back to local or offsite data center once any disaster occurs, minimizing the risk of data loss.

  • Cloud Archive

    File level recovery

    Long-term data retention

    By calling APIs of multiple cloud platforms including Alibaba Cloud, AWS S3 and S3 compatible storages, Vinchin Backup & Recovery helps users to archive infrequently accessed VMware VM data on cloud for longer data retention use, and to support effective disaster recovery when needed.

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