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Vinchin FAQs

The following are answers to some of the most common questions or problems users come across.

Vinchin VM License is priced per the number of CPU socket, it's a perpetual mode, which means one-time paymentforever use. 

Vinchin VM License gives you permission to back up virtual machines. If you need to back up virtual machines, you need to pay for VM License.

File License gives you permission to back up files in Windows and/or Linux servers. If you need to back up files, you need to pay for File License.

Vinchin License Key (VLK) is a file in a specific format, by uploading a VLK to your Vinchin Backup & Recovery software, you are able to use Vinchin software to protect your workloads. Vinchin License Key (VLK) contains VM License and File License.

Most of the virtual platforms provide socket info in their management console. You can find them from there. 



You can also install Vinchin Backup & Recovery software in your environment, register your virtual infrastructure to Vinchin Backup & Recovery web console, you will see the number of CPU sockets from here:


Licenses are required only for the hosts you intend to backup. The hosts on which you want to recover VMs does not need to be licensed.

Vinchin File License price is count per the number of OS on all servers where you plan to back up files. E.g. File License price is bbb$/OS, you have 10 physical servers running 10 OS, your purchase cost will be bbb$/OS x 10 OS.

You will receive only one Vinchin License Key (VLK), as both the VM License and File License will be packed in a VLK and delivered to you.

No, one Vinchin License Key (VLK) is unique to one set of Vinchin Backup & Recovery software in one environment or one organization.

No, one VM License is not equal to one CPU socket. One VM License contains all CPU sockets in your environment. When you pay for 10 CPU sockets, you will receive only one License with 10 CPU sockets packed in.

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